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  1. I've clearly struck something of a nerve here. My intention wasn't to show off, it was legitimately trying to get the opinions of people who probably have a better eye for aesthetic details than I do. I'm not trying to start (or restart?) any debate over the morality of buying counterfeit products, but rather just trying to see what differences people could spot. With that said, if the mods think this is a sore spot and a topic with flame potential, I have no problem with it being shut down.
  2. In what way? It's probably due to my garbage tier cameraman skills; I compared the placement/design to the Edelman jersey and they looked on point.
  3. Full disclosure before I start this thread off: I am incredibly cheap. Cheap as in I will go out of my way to find the generic brand of cereals to save money. So when Nike took over making NFL jerseys and began implementing a number of features that made them more difficult to replicate, I was disappointed, because fake jerseys began to look terrible. I recently picked up a few for the Patriots' recent Super Bowl win, and was surprised to find out how much the quality had improved. You can certainly tell they're fake if you know what you're looking for, with the exception of a Donta Hightower (yeah, I know, better hope he doesn't leave in FA) jersey, which largely looked next to indistinguishable from photos of real jerseys/real jerseys I've seen in person. I was curious if this would be the case for people on here with a better eye for aesthetics, so I'd be interested in hearing if you guys can spot any differences. For categorizing sake, I believe this is meant to be a fake of an Nike Limited Jersey. I've put some comparison photos in here with a Reebok Replica Julian Edelman jersey (which is real, I got it at a discount), a fake Nike Limited Rob Gronkowski jersey, and a fake Nike Limited Tom Brady SBLI jersey. The one final caveat before this is that the SBLI patch is pretty obviously fake. But the standard jersey outside of that looked really good to me. So here's the jersey in question... Here are the other ones for comparison (Real Edelman, Fake Brady and Gronkowski) One thing that struck me right off the bat is people have finally learned how to draw the Patriots' logo's face on the sleeve. Compare this... with this (sorry for upside down, my camera hates me) The latter one isn't terrible, but a couple of things are screwed up. Firstly, the logo's chin doesn't stick out quite as much on most fakes. The mouth isn't as much of a scowl as it should be, and the star on the...American flag hat thing...isn't as large. I've noticed fakes tend to be a lot shinier as well, which I think this picture picked up well (here's how the logo looks on the real replica if you're interested). Next thing was the size tags. Real jerseys tend to have a shinier metallic color to them. I tried to pick that up in this picture (probably ended up picking too much of it up), but you can see the minor color difference. Left is the Hightower jersey, right is the Gronkowski jersey. If nothing else, you can definitely tell that the Hightower one reflects light much better. Speaking of tags, many fake jerseys simply won't have them in the collar, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that be the case here. Not only is the collar intact, but it's also got "Made in Honduras" written, which is usually not the norm for fake ones (Honduras and Guatemala are where real jerseys are made). The name stitching also seems to be much better as well. Only one loose thread, and no connecting threads between letters (which seems to often be the case for fakes) Super Bowl patch is definitely fake, but even it's above par for what I've seen from fake SB patches (Hightower patch is first, Brady second) So that's what I've got. I'll stick some additional photos in links here. Did anyone notice any glaring differences that would notify them that it was fake? I was genuinely surprised with how good it looked.
  4. Sticking the Larry O'Brein trophy behind the midcourt logo during the NBA Finals actually looked pretty good. Wish they'd bring it back. Just gotta make sure it's gold and not the yellow they had for a while.
  5. 1) Live action has been posted earlier in the thread. Here's what they'd look like on the template (work is not mine). 2) I suspect the decision to move away from gold was a conscious choice to distance the team from St. Louis as much as possible (the blue and gold look was the only major aesthetic redesign the Rams' underwent while in St. Louis). There's a few possibilities from there. Perhaps Stan Kroenke assumed that the NFL would let him make a jersey change early, set a timeline for uniform modifications, and then decided it was better to just keep as much of the plan as possible intact once he realized the NFL wasn't going to be lenient. Perhaps he simply didn't care about the mismatch, and just wanted to get rid of as much gold as soon as possible even if it meant looking like someone spent way too long messing around with jersey combinations in Madden. At this point, he may view the next two years as essentially a lost cause. His team sucks, they're playing in a college football stadium, and they've been struggling to fill the stands past the first couple of games (although admittedly they do have a huge stadium to fill). There's not much to lose off of poor branding at this point, and you might as well try to attract some attention by making wacky uniform combos.
  6. Sadly, it isn't. If memory serves, the Patriots had to wait a couple years after changing the wordmark in their endzones to update their jerseys as well. The NFL is exceptionally strict with enforcing this rule.
  7. According to Ian Rapoport (admittedly not the most reliable of sources), the Pats offered a pick swap of some sort in exchange for Cooks, not just a straight up pick.
  8. Welp, that's one way to get your writing some attention.
  9. I've accepted that I will never understand any decision made by the Redskins. Last year, they were willing to pay whatever it took to get a single high quality cornerback ($75 million over five years), so one would reasonably conclude that Washington is in a "win now" mode. Now they're willing to trade their 28 year old franchise quarterback...which would seem to suggest that they don't think he's a long term solution and it's time to rebuild. There's some rumor that they're trying to get Tony Romo out of this on a three way trade, but I can't see Jerry Jones allowing that to happen. All this is doing is pissing off Cousins and probably making that ridiculous Norman contract utterly pointless. If you're going to spend that much money on a corner, you should probably have your long term future at the most important position locked down.
  10. What can man do in the face of such reckless hate?
  11. Honestly, I would watch a game where the Rams wore their standard navy jersey with the new helmets for that reason alone. My doctor said I should see a psychiatrist about my masochistic tendencies when I told him that.
  12. I think most people (here, at least) understand that, it's more the decision to go through with the changes you can make and have a mish mash of colors on your uniform rather than just wait a few years to change everything all at once. I've never been a huge fan of the 2000 and onwards Rams' uniforms, but they look a heck of a lot better as a whole than an attempt to play mix and match with jerseys and helmets from different uniform sets. I'm almost rooting for every team they play on the road in 2017 to wear their white jerseys just so the Rams have to wear navy and reveal this full extent of this catastrophe to the NFL as a whole.
  13. Do we know if they're going to reveal the full look now that the league denied their request to change jerseys early? Anywho, I'd wait on the mask until they make an official announcement. Given the Rams' decisions...they're liable to introduce a neon green facemask on Twitter tomorrow.
  14. Maybe they can use that for one of their two "wear a throwback jersey" games? That helmet and that jersey must never be allowed to coexist.
  15. It looks even weirder in real life. Assuming they stick with the look they had on that TNF game, the gold striping on the pants makes colors contrast even more. I can only imagine how awful this outfit will look with their standard home navy uniforms, which have essentially no white at all. At least with their road jerseys the white horns sort of compliment the majority of the jersey color.