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  1. So basically what you're telling me is that there's no yellow in sports.
  2. Which one of those golds is the yellow one? It's amazing that every team in the league with a color that looks like yellow to me calls it gold. If Green Bay's helmet isn't yellow, then what is? I guess yellow died with Bob Ross.
  3. That Steve Largent/Curt Warner era Seahawk uniform was gorgeous.
  4. Your analysis is much more realistic. I was just being facetious. I'm a realist and pragmatist when it comes to the Jets because I've so rarely seen them overachieve in my nearly 40 years of following them. It's either they're expected to be 4-12 and they go 4-12, expected to be 8-8 and they go 4-12, expected to win 10-11 games and they go 4-12 or expected to go 7-9 and they surprise and go 8-8. Right now I think their over/under is at 7, so I'm hopeful this Gotham Green will be good for a win by itself which will put them at 8-7-1. I see a tie with Jacksonville coming. I love ties, mostly because the NFL hates them. Beyond that the Jets have only put up one 12-win season in my lifetime, so I'd be more fearful of the state of the world if they were to win 12 this year, especially coming off of a 4-12 campaign.
  5. Great call here. I forgot all about that Met uniform. I think they had those in that awful Jeff Torborg year. Jets will probably go 12-4 minimum next year so that's the only parallel I don't see here...
  6. But what about McNeil, Walker & Toon, the alliteration in their secondary (Donald Dykes, Harry Hamilton, and Lester Lyles) and Joe Walton's backwards hat and picked nose? Surely those evoke some positive memories, no? Also, Belicheat told them to go to hell with the white helmets, just sayin'. What would you have thought about a refresh/modernization of that Concorde logo with this set?
  7. I couldn't agree more. It seems to me this argument is only applied to the Jets and Giants because of the duality of the "New York" name. Most assume the name means New York State so "Why aren't they called New Jersey because they play there. Buffalo is the only New York team." But those who are from here know the name refers to New York City, so like you said, they're playing in as close a proximity to the City as possible without actually being within the five boroughs.
  8. That's fair. The irony is that probably the only way both they and the Giants were to stay here -and thus pay those taxes- was if they were gifted those same taxpayer funds for a new stadium. It goes all the way back to Koch's refusal to work with them when they first left. So Jersey gets that, but they're also on the hook for that new stadium. The economics of the NFL now are such that everyone other than the league itself loses.
  9. This to me is the perfect representation of to each their own when it comes to uniforms. When the Jets went back to the Broadway Joe look back in 98, I welcomed the change but didn't have any nostalgia for the set because I grew up well after their SB victory, in the ruins...just like Kyle Reese. I came up with the green helmet and the Concorde logo, and...used to see the actual Concorde fly over (i believe it was one round-trip per day b/t London and New York and Paris and New York by British Airways and Air France, respectively). I don't remember my point...oh yeah, the Concorde logo was awesome.
  10. My bad...I think I was the one who stated this so sorry to have mislead you. Every helmet design they've had since taking the "Jets" cognomen has had the name displayed in some form, so this new set continues that quotidian custom. Also, great usage of "beholden". It's the only reason I tried to insert "quotidian".
  11. Wow, this "New York" thing needs to end. The "New York" in Jets, Giants, Knicks, Yankees, Mets and Rangers always has and always will refer to "New York City", NOT New York State. The fact that the Jets and Giants happen to play across state lines in New Jersey is no different than Buffalo playing in Orchard Park or Dallas playing in Irving, and now, Arlington. They play in a near suburb of the city they represent, and the city they were born in. The fact that New York City counts as its suburbs parts of two other states is irrelevant. I'm a Nassau County guy, and New York City is my city the same way it is for someone from the Hudson Valley or North New Jersey, or southern Connecticut.