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  1. Hey, sorry I went completely AWOL for a while. I'd been trying to do some Gambits updates, but apparently I never saved, and since I hadn't been able to touch it in nearly a week, it didn't cross my mind that I needed to do that, so I lost what I was working on. I tried your suggestions on them, @vtgco, including a joker/face card style illustration of quidditch players, but I was never really happy with what I came up with. Now, having just started a new job this week and with quidditch season starting back up, I don't think I'm gonna have the time to put back into this, but maybe I'll have more time on Sunday. We'll see. Anyway, to address your thoughts specifically, a lot of why I didn't do the things you suggested is because I wanted to stay truer to these teams brands; I talked about my struggles with the Gambits, but their logo has been the same since they were founded (at least as far as I can tell), so I didn't want to change it too much, even though Los Angeles does look pretty good across the top. I also tried to call out the chest stripe, but I wanted to really reinforce purple as the main color and not add a ton of yellow or black, since purple is the only color they've always used, but I thought keeping the outlines would be a good way to add just a little bit of yellow and black. Meanwhile, with LBFQ, a black logo does seem to make sense, but it just doesn't feel right? Idk I don't really have a good reason behind this one it just doesn't look quite right for the Funky Quaffles. And for the Vipers, the ghost logo does look weird, but 1) there is precedent and 2) I didn't think adding a third color or an outline would work. Anyway, thanks for your feedback, and I'm sorry I didn't get back to you for so long and didn't really have anything new to show you.
  2. I think it's time to finish off this series. Last but certainly not least, the Silicon Valley Vipers: This isn't gonna be a very exciting conclusion to the series, because not a whole lot has changed from their actual uniforms to this concept. What has changed: the logo on the front has gotten a bit smaller and a number has been added to the front to fill in the space a bit better; the numbers and nobs have been changed from white to black, meaning only green and black are left on the uniform; and the shorts have changed from green to black because I wasn't a huge fan of the all-green look. The clash uniform is a black version of the primary, with the same black shorts and green socks. C&C appreciated, and thanks to all of you who commented and followed along here! sorry for making 11 posts in a row
  3. Speaking of game shows, here are the Lost Boys: The Lost Boys have always felt like they could pull off just black and red, and their current kits are pretty darn close. I decided to drop it entirely, at least on the primary, and I really like how it looks. I stuck with the white clash because 1) they play in LA and it's hot and 2) a red jersey didn't feel quite right, especially since they've never worn a red jersey. I also wanted to try a new take on the sash they've always worn; this one is a pretty obvious derivative of their logo. I also wanted to move them away from the MLS font, so I switched them to one they've been using in their marketing this summer. I wonder if there's something about being in LA that might get you on TV more often C&C appreciated!
  4. Next up are the Los Angeles Gambits: If there's a quidditch team you've heard of, there's a decent chance it's the Gambits. They've co-hosted (and won) a tournament with the LA Galaxy, they've practiced with Martellus Bennett, and they've even won $15,000 on a game show. Then, after they did all that, they went and completely rebranded. This concept was my attempt at reconciling these two brands, using mainly purple with yellow and black as secondary and tertiary colors respectively. First, I updated their logo to use all four colors and also use the new font I picked (which, by the way, is called Queen of Clubs). I also brought back their old script, because how could I not? The chest striping and shorts striping are co-inspired by the yoke/chest stripe on their old uniforms and the sleeve striping on their new uniforms, and the clash uniforms are inspired by playing cards. Only two more teams left to go. C&C appreciated!
  5. I really need to get on a more consistent schedule. I'll work on that while y'all take a look at the Long Beach Funky Quaffles: These are very much in the theme of their current uniforms (stop me if you've heard this before). I did shift the chevrons down a little bit so the uniforms felt more predominantly one color; this allowed for me to embiggen their logo a bit. I also reverted to their old name/number font, which matches their logo and is much more unique than a standard block. They're also in the habit of wearing mismatched socks, which I think I would normally hate but seems totally on brand for a team with "Funky" in their name. The clash is pretty much a black-for-white swap of the primary, though it's a bit fauxback-y, as a Long Beach wordmark replaces the FQ monogram on the front. Also, the first alternate take in a while, as a gold jersey allowed me to stay more faithful to their jersey design. The clash is still a fauxback, and is just a color-swapped version of the jersey from before: C&C appreciated!
  6. I like this version, but the eye just seems a little too thicc for me compared to the rest of the facial features. I'd try and shrink it a bit. Otherwise, this is a really solid look.
  7. This series has been pretty incredible so far. When you first said you were making 12 jerseys for each team my immediate reaction was "how on earth is he gonna handle the Yankees?" but you went and did it anyway. Pretty much no complaints with the three teams you've posted so far!
  8. Man, has it really been 9 days since I last posted here? Sorry for leaving y'all hanging for so long (again) but hopefully the wait will have been worth it for the Fighting Farmers of America: So naturally these are heavily based on their current uniforms. There was no way in hell I was changing those. Granted, they're not exactly the same, but that's mostly just from me not exactly being able to match the plaid and trying to make the overalls look a bit more like overalls (the backs of the jerseys in particular are a bit odd). I also got rid of the wordmark and logo from the front, replacing them with a front number, because both of those felt tacked on and clumsy, whereas the number feels like it makes more sense to me. Ideally, the Farmers would never wear a clash jersey, but I'm not about to break my own rules, so I created a clash heavily inspired by @hawkfan89's first Chicago Shamrocks white jersey, with just the word "Farmers" on the front and a name and number on the back. C&C appreciated!
  9. We start the club division of the West with the Bay Area Breakers: The Breakers' uniforms are really nice, matching tights and all, but they've got a few issues I needed to fix. Most glaring was the orange numbers on a sky blue background, which is just not gonna work, so I added a pretty heavy drop shadow using the font they used on their proto-uniforms. Their uniforms are (clearly) modeled heavily on their logo, which I think keeps the same vibe as they have now while being a little more grounded in their identity. The clash uses the same wave pattern, but with a cool gradient effect. The shorts are symmetrical in design but asymmetrical in color, and the socks tie everything together with yet another coloration of the same design. C&C appreciated!
  10. Finishing off the Southwest with this year's nationals runner-up, Texas Hill Country Heat: Kept things mostly the same as their current jerseys; I did want to put more emphasis on maroon in general, but other than that, things are mostly the same. I did remove the existing pattern in favor of a big sublimated flame, and I also removed the regional logo on the sleeves. The clash is pretty much just a maroon version of the primary. Thought about making it black, but maroon felt more right. C&C appreciated! Only one more region to go...
  11. Sorry for leaving y'all hanging for a week or so there but I was on vacation and didn't have my computer with me. I've got something new for you today, though, and it's the three-time defending champions Texas Cavalry: Cavalry debuted a really solid new set at the beginning of this year, but it didn't really feel Cavalry enough without the word "Cavalry" spelled out across the front, like on their old jerseys. I brought the wordmark back to the front to replace the front number, and that was the only major thing I changed (I did tweak the pattern on the bottom of the jersey a bit, and I removed the Texas silhouette on the back which already appears in their logo and was also interfering with the USQ logo). All that was really left to do was create a matching clash jersey, so I flipped the colors around. The contrasting collar sticks around to provide some more blue to the set, but the fade on the bottom of the jersey doesn't because I didn't think it worked as well going from white to blue as it did from blue to white. C&C appreciated as always!
  12. I'm back, and I took some of your suggestions into account. I brightened up the red, which should help with the bleeding, and I thickened up the hoops to make the line weights consistent throughout. I tried rounding the corners, but it looked too sloppy and unfinished for my liking, and I couldn't get anything to work with the hoops sticking out of the state, but overall, I think this looks better and I'm happier with this than I was before. C&C still appreciated!
  13. Thanks to both of you for your commentary! I should note (and probably should've noted at the beginning, but my phone was gonna die) that the full-name version of the logo is intended for much larger uses than that (think a Facebook or Twitter header); the acronym version will be used in most applications. I'll for sure look into lightening up the red, thickening up the hoops, and trying to round things off a bit; I think I'd prefer to have everything contained inside that shape, but I'll admit that's something I hadn't really thought of. I don't know that I want to make too drastic changes, though.
  14. So a group of my teammates and I were approached to help redesign the logo for the Massachusetts Quidditch Conference, and my design was selected. I've got a bit more time while I'm on vacation and can't do much of anything, so I wanted to see what y'all had to say. Here's the logo sheet I sent them: For reference, here's the current logo: Just a heads up - I won't be able to touch anything until Saturday probably, but I'll absolutely be incorporating your C&C when I can. Leave a comment below!
  15. Here's Lone Star QC: The first thing you probably noticed was the Texas shorts. I was not about to mess with Texas shorts. I didn't really want to mess with anything else, either; Lone Star already has a solid set of uniforms. I did tone down the star and state patterns a bit, and I removed the busy flag logo from the sleeve and the number from the opposite sleeve. I wanted to add some color back to make things a little more cohesive, so I added some sleeve stripes. That's about it, really. What do you guys think? C&C appreciated!
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