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  1. Hey I'm back! The Midwest is up next, starting with Creighton: The Bluejays have two jerseys currently, both of which have their issues. Their white jersey has white numbers and some weird pointy shapes on the shoulders and side panels, their blue jersey is long-sleeved for some reason and is otherwise really boring, and neither of them can figure out how to arrange their logo and number. I fixed all these issues and focused on a gradient between all three of Creighton's shades of blue, which shows up on the sleeves and the shorts stripe. I couldn't really figure out what color the 'Jays like to wear more, so I made white the primary, mostly because I think it looks better. What do y'all think? C&C appreciated!
  2. I tried that, and I didn't really like what I came up with. I just don't think the R is strong enough to hold its own on the front of a jersey the way the knight logo is.
  3. The last stop in the Mid-Atlantic is Virginia Tech: Tech got new uniforms this year, and they're a big improvement over what they were wearing. That said, I did have a few adjustments to make. I flipped the chevrons so they make a V, and I made the bottom of the jersey the same color as the top, mainly because I wanted to make a maroon and an orange jersey and I thought if I made them two-tone they wouldn't clash enough. As it is, they're the same jersey other than the colors are flipped. One pair of maroon shorts with stripes based on the VT logo and one pair of orange socks. C&C appreciated! Happy Earth Day! We've gotta be running out of holidays at this point!
  4. Thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately, I'm only doing the teams that made it to nationals this year, at least to start. I've thought about taking requests for other teams, or maybe for schools that don't have teams, but those will come after the rest of the series is finished. If I do, WVU will be first on the list.
  5. Up next we've got Virginia: UVA's got a good look going for them right now, so I didn't want to change too much. I did change the chest stripe a bit; it's now thinner, higher up, and no longer continues onto the sleeves and back. Other than that, it's pretty much the same as their current uniform. For the clash, I tried out an orange jersey, but I didn't like anything I came up with better than this white one. This one gets a front number above the sabres from their logo with the striping moved to the sleeves. One pair of shorts, orange with the Northwestern stripe, and one pair of navy socks. Let me know what you think, and have a happy Easter if that's your thing!
  6. Here's Rutgers: Rutgers has always had pretty simple uniforms, so I didn't want to do too much here. The R logo is on the primary along with a front number, while the clash has the knight logo. I traced the number font the rest of their teams use so they fit in. Stripes on the shorts so they're a little less boring. C&C appreciated! Happy 4/20 and/or Passover and/or whatever food holiday is today because I'm sure there's one of those.
  7. The next team up is Richmond: I love that UR is the Spiders, but their quidditch team seems to have taken that as an opportunity to do some weird two-tone Spiderman cosplay. I was going to completely scrap it, but it turns out if you clean it up a little and make both sides of the jersey the same color, it's not such a bad look. I tried to balance red and blue as much as possible with just enough white to keep things looking clean, and every element has a red and a blue version. Also, since Richmond quidditch has an official logo and I don't completely hate it, I figured I should use it somewhere, so I popped it on the shorts. Keep that C&C coming!
  8. Yeah, I'll admit I was kinda trying to do too much with that one. I took the stripe away and immediately liked it way better, so I think I'm just gonna stick with that:
  9. Moving along to a team that was surprisingly friendly after RPI beat them by 100 points, Penn State: The second thing that comes to my mind when I think of Penn State is their super simple football uniforms, so that's sorta what I tried to base these off of. Nittany Lion on the front, names on the back because they don't have the same tradition as football, and sleeve numbers so it's a little less boring. Did something a little different for the clash, kind of inspired by the football helmet with that blue stripe down the front. Stuck the number on one side and the logo on the other. Both shirts go with white shorts and blue socks. No weird gray, no weird font, just a simple, classic-looking set. C&C, as always, is appreciated!
  10. Yeah, people not knowing quidditch was definitely a concern I had. I feel like more people than you think have heard of it, but I also think most of them probably took one look and dismissed it as a dumb sport for nerds or whatever. I definitely knew muggle quidditch existed before starting college but I hadn't really thought to look into it more until it came up at orientation. That said, quidditch hasn't really developed a specific look yet, given that it's only been around since 2005 and a lot of early "uniforms" were just t-shirts with a name on the front and numbers hand-drawn on the back. Pretty much every major sport has the benefit of being around since the 19th century or earlier (which is also why they're major sports). I've been trying to show real-life examples of teams' uniforms so you can get a little more of a feel for the aesthetic, but it's one that's still very much developing. Anyway, thanks for the compliment!
  11. Okay, Haven was kinda boring. Maybe y'all will be more intrigued by the defending regional champs: Maryland is the first team on this list that I personally have actually gotten to play against, and while I don't like the Terps much as a team, I will say that they look pretty good. About all I did was bring their current uniforms more in line with the rest of the school's branding (yes I know that's an Under Armour font and they probably won't be able to use it but this is a concept and I can do what I want). The clash is black to harken back to this wild jersey they wore not too long ago, but it's just the same set with a few colors swapped around here and there. C&C appreciated! A much nicer team is coming up next
  12. The next team up is Lock Haven: The Bald Eagles currently wear crimson with white sleeves, and ages ago, they wore white with crimson sleeves, so I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. I decided to put LHU on the front, since they've worn "LHU QUIDDITCH" for most of their history, and I used a sort of football-type look on the uniform, something I hadn't really done yet. The stripes on the shorts are based on the tail-y bit of the logo (which is on the sleeves), and are echoed by the shoulder stripes, which are also inspired by their current set. The clash is almost entirely a color swap of the main kit, apart from the logo, which I think looks bad in ghost form (see: their current uniform). What do you think? C&C appreciated as always!
  13. Quick update: RPI won three more games day 2 of the tournament before getting eliminated by Cal in the quarterfinals. We got back to New York around 1:30 last night so needless to say I haven't had much time to spend on this. That said, I did update Duke above with the hex code Pantone uses, which I think looks much better, and I should have another team up later tonight.
  14. Thanks! I found that hex code on Duke's website, and I too thought it should be darker, but I'm willing to trust Duke on what color it is that they wear. I might redo it with a darker blue if I get around to it. On a related note, RPI (that's my team) is currently sitting at 3-0! That said I am very tired and need to go to sleep goodnight y'all
  15. Well, the tournament's been delayed by thunderstorms twice already and I'm getting bored, so here's another team. We move from Duke to the Dukes of James Madison (sorry): JMU just got new uniforms this season, and I'm a fan, for the most part. I was just gonna copy the pattern and clean the uniform up a bit, but I tried something a little different and really liked how it turned out. I made the primary uniforms purple instead of white since they're aren't a whole lot of other purple teams, though there is a matching white jersey because it still looks cool. Contrasting shorts pair with each jersey, and gold socks round things out. C&C appreciated! Hopefully I'll actually get to play some quidditch sometime this weekend.