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    NBA x Nike Concepts

    Okay so, after a sabbatical, I started making things again. I started experimenting with 3D creation and these are the first results: a small rebrand of the Clippers. Let me know what you think about this new 3d model and the jersey. Thanks.
  2. The attention to detail is outstanding. I would absolutely buy the third kit irl. Great job as usual!
  3. Only one word needed: WOW! It's a billion times better than the real LFP logo.
  4. Cate

    NBA x Nike Concepts

    4)Charlotte Hornets. In the past days, due to the imposed quarantine here in Italy, I had some free time so I decided to edit another soccer template and this is the result. For the Hornets I created striped jersesy like in the 90s, but with a beehive pattern. Let me know what you tink about this new template and about the Hornets concept.
  5. Cate

    NBA x Nike Concepts

    Unfortunately at the moment I do not own a side view and shorts templates, nor do I know any that go well with this template (This is actually a football, I mean soccer, jersey template that I edited a while ago).
  6. Cate

    NBA x Nike Concepts

    A)For the Bucks I really wanted to use only Green, White and Red (and of course black, but not as "team basic color"), like in the 70's; B)You're right, I should have added space between the letters; C)Is "UTAH" too tight only, or Is the space between "UTAH" and the number too narrow? Anyway Thank You for your comment. Thank You very much! I used different type of piping to create contrast between the side panel and the rest of the jersey.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm going to be sharing my NBA concepts: I started these two years ago, then in this time I redid everything like two or three times before having the almost final version. I’ll post with home/road/third/alternate jerseys for each team and then maybe I'll post some outtakes or other proposal. Before I get into it, major thanks to all the other designers on these boards who keep putting out inspiring stuff. All comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated! 1)Milwaukee Bucks 2)Indiana Pacers 3)Utah Jazz
  8. Lo stemma è spaziale. La prima maglia mi piace molto, la seconda la comprerei di corsa se fosse reale mentre per la terza devo dire che non sono un fan del colore.
  9. Non c'è problema. Se serve una mano sarò felice di aiutarti. ???
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