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  1. Is the MLB season going to go ahead, just without fans? I haven't heard anything about that yet that I know of.
  2. I agree with you, but the rate at which all of this has happened is mind-boggling.
  3. I just can't believe any of this is really happening. First the NBA suspends it's season, then NHL does the same, and then to top it all off March Madness gets canceled! I never would've believed something like that would happen in a million years. Will this madness ever end?
  4. Just thought I'd post for the first time in nine months to say that yes, this project is over. Just like the Midwest Hockey League, it was over before it even got off the ground. It seems that I'm just not good at this graphic design thing. I was hoping that I'd be able to improve my skills this way, but that didn't happen. Like I posted back in March, I'm no @SFGiants58 and I've never claimed to be. Perhaps I really do need to take a college course on graphic design before even thinking about posting again. My apologies for the negativity, I just wanted to post this to let people know what happened.
  5. With the recent responses. I'd like to show what I have so far for the template: Yep, that's it. Just the shorts. By the way, those are the shorter length ones used in basketball all the way until at least the 1990s when the longer length ones came about. I'd like to make the template switchable from the shorter shorts to the longer ones but I cannot figure out how to do that, nor how to add color to the different sections. Those are easily done in Photoshop, but not in Illustrator. As for the jersey part, try as I might, I cannot get the proportions to my liking. I really should have envisioned this considering my inexperience with graphic design. It's beginning to look more and more like I'll have to end this project before it actually gets off the ground like the last project I tried to do. Perhaps what I really need is to take a college course on graphic design, but I really don't want to have it come to that. I'm no SFGiants58 and I've never claimed to be. I guess we'll see what happens.
  6. Actually, @AidenT0605 did not make that request, I did. Secondly, I meant MSU and not U of M as shown above. MSU has won two NCAA Basketball titles. After looking at a few more examples, I'd also like to have included however many pennants the Tigers and the Red Sox won in addition to their World Series championships. Those are the two changes I can think of.
  7. Turns out it didn't take me that long to learn Illustrator after all. I was able to find a course on Udemy for a reasonable price and away I went. Now, allow me to present the first ever graphic I've ever made with Illustrator. Naturally it is the Cannons' logo: The logo resembles the team's namesake with a purple wheel and a silver gray barrel. The city name appears in white at the top of the wheel. Let me tell you, this was soooo much easier to make in Illustrator than in Photoshop. I think I just might use Illustrator to make graphics going forward. This brings me to my last point. I've decided to make my own brand new basketball jersey template for this thread using Illustrator. This might also take some time, but I think it'll be worth the wait. As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  8. These are awesome. If I may, I'd like one with: Detroit Pistons Championships Detroit Tigers World Series Championships Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cups Boston Bruins Stanley Cups Boston Red Sox World Series Championships Michigan State Basketball Championships (if any) Thanks!
  9. I know. The striping on the sleeves and neck will be the fanciest teams will get until at least the 50s. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia have them because they are major market teams owned by wealthy businessmen and so they can afford it. Providence and Albany don't have any because being in minor markets, they are more strapped for cash. Pittsburgh, being mid-market, only has the neck striping. That's my thinking anyway.
  10. I'm back everyone (at least for this update anyway). As often happens I got distracted by other things and this project fell by the wayside. However I have not forgotten about this project. I've decided to switch to using Illustrator to make the logos for this project, since that appears to be the standard on these forums. I was previously making the logos in Photoshop simply because I'm familiar with it. Going forward, the problem is that I have no experience with Illustrator in the slightest, so I'll need to learn the program which could take a while. In the meantime, I've created the Philadelphia Cannons uniform: The name indirectly references the city's role in the nation's wars, most notably the Civil War. The purple and silver color scheme was chosen because the team's owner, Alan Chester, is the CEO of a chain of gas stations located throughout eastern PA which uses that color scheme. That's it for now. If anybody has any advice on learning Illustrator to give me, that would be awesome. As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  11. Sorry about the long wait everyone, I haven't abandoned this project. The good news is that I've decided on a name for the Philadelphia team: the Cannons. The bad news is that I'm at a loss as to which color scheme to go with. I was thinking of going with blue and gold like the real life Philadelphia Warriors but that would remind people too much of that team. The color scheme has to be unique to the other five teams currently in the league. I will consider any and all suggestions. As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  12. Here is the fifth inaugural team in the CBL, the Albany Tomahawks! Unlike the other teams in the CBL, the team's name isn't meant to reference anything in particular, however it could reference the Native American heritage of the Albany area. The logo is a T meant to somewhat resemble a tomahawk. The city name appears in arched form to match the curvature of the axe head: Being the second minor market team in the league (the other being Providence), the uniform features no striping or numbers but only has the city name on the front: The last inaugural team will be based in Philadelphia, but I can't for the life of me come up with a team name as the colonial motif has already been taken up by the Boston team. Do any of you have any suggestions? As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  13. I've decided in the end to put the Ironmen in Pittsburgh. While as I mentioned there was a real basketball team in the BAA called the Ironmen, the BAA/NBA does not exist in this universe. Following @BellaSpurs suggestion, the steel bar/I has been made thicker. Other than that and the city name, the logo is unchanged: The uniform is also unchanged apart from the logo change:
  14. Hello everyone, I have a question for you all. After some thought, I don't know if I should keep the Ironmen in Allentown or instead put them in Pittsburgh. The only reason I didn't put them in Pittsburgh is because there was a real Pittsburgh Ironmen basketball team that existed for only one season in the BAA (the precursor to the NBA) in 1946-1947. So what should I do?
  15. Here is the fourth inaugural team in the CBL, the Allentown Ironmen! The team's name references the dominant steel industry in the area. The team adopts a similar color scheme to the Steelers football team, black representing coal and gold representing iron ore, the two primary ingredients needed to produce steel. I'm happy to say that this is my first truly original logo. Even though it's a relatively simple shape, it's a good start I guess. The team logo is the letter I, the first letter of the team name shaped to resemble a steel bar. The city name is written down the middle of the steel bar in gold: The jersey is primarily black, with a gold waistband and gold and white collar striping. An inverted version of the team logo appears on the upper right part of the jersey, making the team the only one to feature the team logo on their jersey rather than the city or team name: As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  16. Sorry for the long wait everyone. I was finally able to add jersey striping to the uniforms that have it and change the v-neck to a crew neck. Here are the results: Yes, I know the jersey striping looks kind of wonky but I think it looks good enough for now. Any suggestions about how to make it less wonky are very much welcome. I think these will most likely be the final versions of the inaugural jerseys for these teams. As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  17. Thanks for the reply @Whittier S! I'd like to respond one bit at a time: I thought the color color scheme worked very well for the 40s. Sure it's kind of flashy but I like. If you have any suggestions as to how I can make it more appropriate for the era I'd like to hear them. As I mentioned, everything I've posted is subject to change. I was afraid someone would notice that. As I'm quite new to this art thing, my skills aren't nearly good enough to make totally original logos. I found no rule in either the Sports Fan Fiction (where this was originally posted before it got moved) or the Concepts forum rules against using clipart. If it is frowned upon I understand completely. I did make sure that all the clipart I used was free for use. So, yes, I could remove the flintlock and the trigger and such from the Colonials logo but with my current skills the way they are, it wouldn't look very good. The banner thing is also out of the question until my skills get better. I've used Photoshop for everything posted here. The style of the lettering on the jerseys (if that's what you mean) is very appropriate for the era. If you look at early basketball jerseys, you'll see that the lettering style is nearly the same. I'll probably have to worry about actual wordmarks later on but for now that style will do just fine. Thanks so much for the C&C, I really appreciate it.
  18. Thanks for the comment. Glad to see you are enjoying it! Here is the third inaugural CBL team, the New York Flames! The team's name references the flame of the Statue of Liberty's torch. The color scheme certainly attests to that. The logo features a silhouette of the upper portion of the statue in the team color, which more or less matches the color of the statue: The uniform, as is the case with the other teams in the league at this point, is primarily the team color. The orange color of the waistband, numbers, and team name symbolizes the color of the flame of the torch. The team name and number on the back have a white outline to help them stand out: The color scheme turned out better than I thought it would. By now, that v-neck is really grinding my gears. I don't know whether to add piping to this uniform or not. Of course, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated. Everything I've posted so far is subject to change, as evidenced by the name change of the Boston team.
  19. The Boston Redcoats become the first team to change their name in CBL history. What makes this interesting is that the name change occurred before play even began! Allow me to explain: After the team name, logo, and uniform were unveiled in the Boston Globe, both the Globe and George Finlay received many letters in mail which were against the choice of name. It appeared the public at large did not buy Finlay's explanation that he chose the name in reference to the city's history. It did not make sense to most people that a team based in an American city should bear the name of a foreign army. About a week after the initial announcement, Finlay begrudgingly renamed the team to the Boston Colonials. Finlay ordered all the Redcoats jerseys that had been made to be destroyed, however, a couple of them still survive in private collections to this day. As a result of the name change, the team logo gains a blue outline: Other than the team name, the jersey remains largely unchanged. The only changes are the number on the back becomes slightly larger and the waistband changes color from white to blue: I'd still like to add the piping and change the v-neck like I mentioned in the other posts, but I like it. As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  20. I picked that name primarily because it is a direct nod to Boston's history. In real life (to my knowledge), none of the real Boston teams that have existed (and I'm counting the "Boston" ones, not the "New England" ones) haven't referenced history in any way. Do you think I should change it? Thanks for asking.
  21. Next up I present the second of the six inaugural teams in the CBL, the Providence Pilots! The team is named to commemorate the opening of the T.F. Green Airport which opened earlier that decade, although up until 1938 it was known as Hillsgrove State Airport. The team colors are dark blue and light brown, meant to represent the coastal nature of the state of Rhode Island. The team logo features the team name on top of the outline of an airplane: And here is their uniform. As they are less well funded than the Boston team, the uniform only has an abbreviated city name on the front and no numbers whatsoever: Except for the piping, which the Pilots don't have on their uniform, what I said about the Redcoats uniform applies here. I really want to change the v-neck to a round neck which is more historically appropriate as evidenced by the team photo I posted above but I don't know how to change it. Other than that, I think this team turned out pretty well. As always, any and all C&C about anything I've posted so far is encouraged and appreciated.
  22. If anyone needs an example of what I mean when I say piping, here's a Boston Celtics team photo from the 50s:
  23. After my hockey project crashed and burned, I think I've found something that will stick. This time, I proudly present the Continental Basketball League. To make a long story short, the league was founded in 1938 by prominent Boston businessman George Finlay to capitalize on the growing popularity of basketball on college campuses throughout the nation. In the beginning the league had only six teams, situated in the northeastern part of the US, but the league name suggested that Finlay had much greater aspirations for the league. At this time, the CBL doesn't have a logo, but if I must create one, I will. This time around, I have a preliminary jersey and logo ready. I'll be revealing each inaugural team one at a time. First up is George Finlay's team: the Boston Redcoats! The team logo very simply uses two crossed muskets in the team color, which more or less matches the red color worn by the British Army during the occupation of Boston: And here is the uniform the Redcoats take to the hardwood with. All the teams at this time use only one jersey: As I said before, both the logo and uniform are preliminary. While I am mostly happy with the uniform, the one thing that bugs me is that the collar is v-neck, which did not exist at this time. I am quite a beginner where graphic design is concerned so I wouldn't know how to change it. Also, I would like to add piping on the arm holes (is that what they're called?) and the collar that was prevalent at the time but don't how to do that either. Any and all C&C is greatly appreciated and encouraged.
  24. These are absolutely great! Would it be okay if I adapted these concepts for OOTP Baseball?
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