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  1. Vegas would definitely do something a little wacky like that with their third; I'm a fan. Fleury could totally rock some red and black pads a la Corey Crawford...
  2. That event logo is outstanding, I could definitely see the NHL going with something similar! Hard not to be in Texas and go for that old western vibe, you know?
  3. 1 through 3 really look nice! I'm having a rougher time with 4 and 5 but I definitely do see the effect you're going for
  4. Hey all, longtime lurker but relatively new to posting on these forums. I figured I'd add a concept or two I made last year for the Kalamazoo Wings' Fan Design Jersey contest. The contest was to design a winter-themed jersey for a one-off game using your own custom logos. This first jersey set was my actual entry and it didn't make it far into the contest, but I created a home and away set for the team while I was at it just for fun. I like the current set Kalamazoo uses, but wanted to change it up a bit with a northern-themed color scheme, which eliminates the red and introduces a new shade of light blue. The dark set is my personal favorite. First off we've got two logos, which I found to be pretty interchangeable as shoulder patches and main crests. Then the actual contest entry: And a light/dark set that would probably stand better as a permanent set. Any C&C is appreciated, I know this design is far from perfect but I'd like to know what you guys think.
  5. Wondering the same thing...apparently Datsyuk's agent has said today that he's not opposed to returning to the NHL next season when his KHL contract runs out. I was hoping Chiarelli would pull a Chiarelli and try to sign him to a 12x8 deal or something hah
  6. Colorado's third is tremendous, really gives me a lot of Nordiques vibes!
  7. Love both of these. The Jackets are in a strange position where they have several great-looking sets imo; there's pros and cons with each. Personally I prefer the blue on blue color scheme because it sets them apart from some of the other navy and red teams in the league. Either way, I'd buy either of these sets in a heartbeat. I've always been partial to the Stinger logo (long live Boomer) but you did a great job of making it work here!
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