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  1. Are you saying that this is a natural cycle of the internet? How Did fan last for so long?
  2. Now I’m interested. What’s the story?
  3. As someone who looking back made one of those crappy threads, I agree. The PHL was some of the most fun I’ve had online in a long time
  4. Heads up, this little sub forum is going bye bye in a few weeks. You got any plans to back this up and continue it somewhere?
  5. I’m not a mod, but I’m going to assume the answer is no.
  6. I think what they’re saying is if there’s any story that marks the appeal more than the design aspect, it’s gone and don’t post it.
  7. I’m starting to think this is something the mods aren’t gonna budge on.
  8. This SFF sub board is gonna be nuked away in about 2 weeks. You got a plan to keep this going somewhere else?
  9. Also, if they don't have this for their goal song, someone in their front office needs to be fired.
  10. What about black and white Jolly Rogers? Also, you can get to historical nitpicking and go through every pirate flag in history.