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  1. Welcome to the new World Synthetic Ice Hockey Association (WSIHA). I'm looking to get as many teams to join as possible. In this concept, there will be leagues all over the world. Africa, Asia, North and Central America and Caribbean, South America, Oceania and Europe. The top league (the World Synthetic Ice Hockey Association) and its affiliate leagues will be in North America. The game itself is very simple. The rink uses synthetic ice instead of ice to have cheaper cost for each franchise. The rink is 50ft by 94ft. The rules are mostly the same as the current NHL overtime rules. The main difference being that there is no off sides. Instead, there is illegal clearing which happens when a player passes the puck from behind their own blue line across the other blue line. periods are only 15 min. instead of 20. Teams play with 12 players and 2 goalies. The top league in North America and the world will be the World Synthetic Ice Hockey Association. This league will play 82 games. They will have best of 7 playoffs. The idea would be that it's the same level of hockey as the AHL. This league will close at 32 franchises. Franchises can not be in NHL cities. All franchises must be approved by me. All franchises must have an ISIHL affiliate. The WSIHA’s top affiliate is the International Synthetic Ice Hockey League (ISIHL). They will play 72 games. They will have best of 7 playoffs. ISIHL teams do not have to have an affiliate. The ISIHL will only accept affiliate teams after 32 teams. Agin same thing franchises can not be in NHL cities and must be approved by me. The WSIHA’s second affiliate and top affiliate of the ISIHL is the Major Synthetic Ice Hockey League (MSIHL). MSIHL teams do not have to have an affiliate. They will play 62 games. They will have best of 5 playoffs. They will only be playing in conference games. the MSIHL will close at 64 teams. Agin same thing franchises can not be in NHL cities and must be approved by me. The WSIHA will have a partnership with Adidas similar to the NHL. The ISIHL and MSIHL will both partner with CCM. All of the synthetic ice panels will be provided by Kwikrink. Other 3x3 leagues are coming and will be in other threads. My idea is that you would join in and create a franchise for at least one of the three leagues. Ounce all leagues have at least 32 teams I will release the schedule for the first season. please submit like this: (WSIHA) Location: Sacramento Team Name: Nor Cal Seals Colors: Kelly green, California gold, snow white Logo(s)/Uniforms: coming soon (ISIHL) Affiliate: Sacramento Location: Santa Cruze Team Name: Golden Seals Colors: Kelly green, California gold, snow white Logo(s)/Uniforms: coming soon (MSIHL/ISIHL) Affiliate: Sacramento/Santa Cruze Location: Long Beach Ca Team Name: Mariners Colors: Kelly green, California gold, snow white Logo(s)/Uniforms: coming soon Here are the league logos:
  2. In a partnership with the Ontario Reign, the University of California, Riverside will be playing at Citizens Business Bank Arena. Essentially with this partnership, both teams will be using the same practice and game day facilities. The Ontario Reign have also stated that they would like similar partnerships with other teams in the league. Uniforms: More:
  3. The wait is over here is the first expansion team California Polytechnic State University. Uniform: More:
  4. Not much to say about California State University Sacramento except that they have high hopes of getting back to the tournament. Uniforms: More:
  5. With only 3 loses the University of Nevada Las Vegas went to the final in the post season tournament. With that said they believe that they can win a championship this season. Sierra conference champion banner: Uniforms: More:
  6. With 19 wins and 40 points the University of the pacific was able to secure a spot in the post season tournament. Since being eliminated in the first round they have not made any major changes. With that said here are their uniforms. Uniforms: More:
  7. Fallowing a winless season the University of California Davis director of operations resigned. This led to 4 high school hockey players (who had previously signed letters of intent) opting to go to other schools within the WCBHA. Early in the off season ESPN did an article naming the top 100 players entering the WCBHA in its second season. All 4 of those high school players were within the top 50. The school had picked a former University of California Davis ice hockey player as their new director of operations. His first act as director of operations was firing the entire coaching staff. This was a violation of multiple contracts and as such they are suing the school. This obviously caught the attention of the director of athletics for University of California Davis. In an open statement he said that he was not pleased with the director of operations. The director of operations further explained that the University of California Davis ball hockey program is under a lot of pressure (coming from the school) due to his actions. He also explained that the team could be held financially responsible for the lawsuits. Which could financially destroy their ball hockey program. As of now they do not have a full coaching staff either. Currently they only have an assistant coach. Uniforms: More:
  8. finishing last season with 53 points, only 6 loses, and finishing in the tournament semi-finals the University of Nevada Reno had a great season. this season they are not only confident in a return to the tournament, but they believe that they could get the championship. Their coach stated that anything other then first (in the tournament) would worthless to his team. Uniforms: More:
  9. After only missing the post season tournament by 4 points, the University of San Francisco hopes to secure a spot in the tournament this season. Launching new alt uniforms this year, they believe they have what it takes to get into the tournament. Uniforms: More:
  10. Finishing the regular season fifth over with 42 points University of California, Berkeley was eliminated in the semi-finals of the post season tournament. Since then they have been building a stronger offense and are confident in a return to the tournament with the hope of making it to the final. With regards to their uniforms, they waned keep both their alt and inaugural jerseys. During negotiations with nike they were given the option to keep either their current alt or replace it with their inaugural jersey. They finally came to the agreement that their inaugural jersey will replace their alt jersey and their alt jersey will replace their home jersey. Here are there uniforms: and more:
  11. St Mary’s College of California decided to not bring back their inaugural jerseys for their second season. They were not really concerned with their uniforms as they were in a period of transition as they lost some key defensive players and their director of operations. Their former head coach has taken on the job of director of operations for the team and the assistant coach became the head coach. Here are their uniforms: and more:
  12. I have a 10 season plan to get this league up to roughly 60 teams, as well as a separate league using NCAA hockey conferences. As far as geography goes there will be at least one team in every state on this side of Kansas with a few on the other side.
  13. After winning the championship in their first season Stanford University looks for an other great season. They were the most dominate team in the league with only 1 lose. Stanford University is hoping and is favored to win back to back championships in their second season. to celebrate their championship they added a champion log to their jerseys and will be raising a banner at their first home game. they have also changed the logo on their jerseys at the request of fans. here is their championship logo and banner: Here are their improved uniforms: and more:
  14. After being eliminated in the first round of the post season tournament Santa Clara University has high hopes for their second season. The only change they made with their uniforms was replacing the inaugural jersey with the new Adidas Iced jersey. Here are the uniforms: More:
  15. With their division 1 team only getting 6 wins and 16 points in their first year, San Jose State University will wear deferent logos on their uniforms this season. San Jose State University hopes that the new uniforms along with a new general manager and head coach will help them get into the post season tournament. Here are their new uniforms: and more: