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  1. I hate the fact that I absolutely love this At least Puma's made one kit good enough for me to cop every year.
  2. Regardless, it's not sticking. LUFC Managing Director Angus Kinnear just told a local station they're reopening the consultation process for the crest. It makes sense regardless of whether or not you like the logo, because this was a PR fiasco. 16,000 fans had signed a petition to change it within 2 hours. The internet has been destroying it ever since they unveiled it.
  3. Yes, Leeds' old logo is generally ugly and cluttered. Yes, Leeds have never had a great logo to go on. That's not an excuse to pull something like this out. Is the salute an identifiable, and personal symbol of the club? To a degree, yes. But the white rose of Yorkshire is also a much better symbol for the largest club in Yorkshire, and it looks ridiculously better. Some guy on twitter literally just switched the fan for the rose and the logo looked like an upgrade over the previous ones. I really do hope Leeds take his idea, otherwise they'll have one of the worst logos in England.
  4. Ok, so since these have (somehow) gotten even better, do you mind if i request another one? Tim Howard in Colorado Rapids jersey, please. These are works of art. Also, take your time and do your projects well. I'm in the same struggle right now.
  5. These are Incredible! I'd love to see Francesco Totti or Andrea Pirlo (Back at Juve), if you want to do world football.
  6. Good Morning to you all. I appreciate all the positive word and comments. First, I have made an adjustment to Chicago. *grumbles* I really did enjoy the blue stripe, but since you say white i made the stripe white. Updates are present on Chicago's page. Secondly, I have Columbus, and brace yourself, cause i get the feeling this might need a few updates. Columbus Crew SC Background: All C&C much appreciated!
  7. I have no big complaints for either team, though i think the effect is a little too present on the home for Atalanta; maybe sublimate it? Great start, excited to see more.
  8. Just so you know, i'm planning on doing releases on Monday and Friday, mostly for two reasons 1: This gives me time to make sure what's putting out is acceptable (And i'm the dictionary definition of perfectionist) 2: It also gives me time to make any updates. As it's Friday, time for a team very close to me. Colorado Rapids Background (with just a little bias) Columbus on Monday!
  9. Skylines are a personal favorite of mine, so it is present in some of the other designs, but i tried to differentiate between them. I'm incorporating some of my favorite design elements while trying to give each team a unique look. I'm glad you like (or dislike) them.
  10. I get what you're saying, and to be honest i don't know if there's any unwritten rules regarding variance between Jersey and Shorts crests. i did, however, make the crest monochrome.
  11. Right, Austin and the USGP was all great fun (although disappointing result) and i'm back to regular designer duties. Im going to try and post 2 teams every week, but i'm more focused on bringing quality as opposed to getting it out quickly Anyways, Here's Chicago's Kits Team Background (i know none of you read this but anyways)
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