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  1. I was talking about for a road game. Yeah sorry should’ve been more specific, I meant with their current set.
  2. Blue on white for the Bills. Don’t think we’ve ever seen them go blue on blue for a road game, wouldn’t rule out the possibility for thanksgiving but I doubt it
  3. Bills in standard white on white this week, not the throwbacks. Was hoping for white on blue but knew it was a long shot
  4. Is this confirmed? The release the Dolphins made when they announced these uniforms kind of made it seem to me that the white version would replace the aqua ones.
  5. Interesting. I would've had my money on them wearing the throwbacks during that 3 game home stand weeks 7-9 for a change of pace, potentially against either Philadelphia or Washington. Besides Miami, The Bills have worn the throwbacks against a different team each year at home since 2012 (STL, CAR, MIA, IND, NE, OAK, JAX)
  6. White on Blue again this week for the Bills. If they beat the Giants maybe there's a chance we will see the white on blue at home week 3 against the Bengals.
  7. Bills going with blue pants this week. Interesting that the little video shows the player in solid red socks but I don't think there's anything to that
  8. Can't speak for other teams but I do know that ever since McDermott took over, the Bills offense always practices in whatever color they wear in their game that week. Believe it or not, they actually did for a Thursday night home game against the Dolphins in November 2012. I believe this was their first time wearing white at home in a really long time, too. I wouldn't mind seeing this in their home opener against the Bengals, it could look good against their black over white.
  9. Bills offense practicing in white this week does confirm that they will be in white on Sunday
  10. They went blue on blue twice last year (Wk 9 & 17), 3 times in 2016 and twice in 2015.
  11. I'll give guessing the Bills a shot 1. @ NYJ: Tough to tell what Jets will do with their new set but I'll play it safe. White/Blue vs Green/White 2. @ NYG: They'll switch it up with their return to MetLife. White/White vs Blue/White 3. vs CIN: They wore white in last years home opener I'll guess they do it again. Black/White vs White/White. 4. vs NE: Standard. White/Navy vs Blue/White 5. @ TEN: Another tough one I can see the Titans in any combo here. White/Blue vs Navy/Columbia 7. vs MIA: The start of 3 straight home games for Buffalo. White/Aqua vs Blue/White 8. vs PHI: I think the Bills switch it up a little here. White/White vs Blue/Blue 9. vs WAS: Tempted to put the Bills in throwback here but I'll wait and explain. White/Burgundy vs Blue/White 10. @ CLV: Toss up between color rush and white. White/Blue vs Brown CR 11. @ MIA: They'll keep the throwback tradition alive here. TB White vs TB Aqua 12. vs DEN: Now because they're wearing the throwbacks the week prior, I think its easier for the equipment staff to leave the stickers on the helmets for another week. They did this last year when they played Jacksonville then Miami. Orange/White vs TB White. 13. @ DAL: No idea what either team will do for the Thanksgiving game. Dallas is on TNF the following week so I think they'll save the color rush for that. If Dallas goes navy I can see the Bills sticking with the throwbacks for another week. I can also see the Bills breaking out the color rush too but I'll go with the boring option. Blue/White vs Dallas normal white set. 14. vs BAL: Very confident with what the Bills do here but the Ravens pant option is a flip of a coin. White/Black vs Red/Red CR 15. @ PIT: Should look good. White/Blue vs Black/Yellow 16. @ NE: Won't look as good. White/White vs Navy/Silver 17. NYJ: Bills will probably want to go Blue on Blue one more time. White/White vs Blue/Blue