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  1. They went blue on blue twice last year (Wk 9 & 17), 3 times in 2016 and twice in 2015.
  2. I'll give guessing the Bills a shot 1. @ NYJ: Tough to tell what Jets will do with their new set but I'll play it safe. White/Blue vs Green/White 2. @ NYG: They'll switch it up with their return to MetLife. White/White vs Blue/White 3. vs CIN: They wore white in last years home opener I'll guess they do it again. Black/White vs White/White. 4. vs NE: Standard. White/Navy vs Blue/White 5. @ TEN: Another tough one I can see the Titans in any combo here. White/Blue vs Navy/Columbia 7. vs MIA: The start of 3 straight home games for Buffalo. White/Aqua vs Blue/White 8. vs PHI: I think the Bills switch it up a little here. White/White vs Blue/Blue 9. vs WAS: Tempted to put the Bills in throwback here but I'll wait and explain. White/Burgundy vs Blue/White 10. @ CLV: Toss up between color rush and white. White/Blue vs Brown CR 11. @ MIA: They'll keep the throwback tradition alive here. TB White vs TB Aqua 12. vs DEN: Now because they're wearing the throwbacks the week prior, I think its easier for the equipment staff to leave the stickers on the helmets for another week. They did this last year when they played Jacksonville then Miami. Orange/White vs TB White. 13. @ DAL: No idea what either team will do for the Thanksgiving game. Dallas is on TNF the following week so I think they'll save the color rush for that. If Dallas goes navy I can see the Bills sticking with the throwbacks for another week. I can also see the Bills breaking out the color rush too but I'll go with the boring option. Blue/White vs Dallas normal white set. 14. vs BAL: Very confident with what the Bills do here but the Ravens pant option is a flip of a coin. White/Black vs Red/Red CR 15. @ PIT: Should look good. White/Blue vs Black/Yellow 16. @ NE: Won't look as good. White/White vs Navy/Silver 17. NYJ: Bills will probably want to go Blue on Blue one more time. White/White vs Blue/Blue