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  1. Not sure if anyone post reggie miller in these jerseys found here: https://www.nba.com/pacers/photos/reggie-miller-1987-1988-season
  2. I like the gray set for Xavier but instead of the "X" down the pants, could you try to use their sword logo
  3. I loved the statement here, and i think you can use it effectively. Just remove the wordmark and move the number down a honeycomb the add and alt or secondary logo above it. I'd think it could work. Edit: Not really a huge fan of the city though could you maybe add speed lines to the wordmark?
  4. Nothing's perfect, as much as it tries to be, this thread represents that. There are many, MANY things that i would love to change if I had the opportunity to. However, many things are fine how they are. Maybe i could help to revamp this thread, or maybe its dead but it was amazing while it lasted
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