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  1. I always wanted the Jags to have a spotted helmet to rival what the Bengals have, so I put together some concepts and jerseys. What do you think? These were all created using UniMockups Photoshop templates.
  2. Thank you! Got sidetracked for a bit by other projects but getting back on track.
  3. Thanks! Really happy with the template. Took me a LONG time to build it but it was worth it. Wanted to give designers something packed with built-in features for making great presentations easy to create.
  4. Thank you! Very fun series for me so I'm glad you're enjoying it.
  5. Came to check out the Suns. Logos used are not really used by the team anymore on major things but I like the ideas. I would like to see them get away from black and really lean into purple and orange again.
  6. I like what you've done here. This team is in desperate need of a new look and I love the clean, classic approach. Keep it up!
  7. So many of these are gorgeous. Great job! I have a bobblehead template I would love to put some of these on with your permission.
  8. I was just about to add, kids came home and interrupted and I just got back to it. Now I can't add for some reason. May have to restart...
  9. Vintage Variants is a concept series not unlike the Adidas Reverse Retro series for the NHL, but I'm not doing just flipped colors. I wanted to take looks from the past and do all kinds of variations with them. Some will be color variations, some will pull in different design elements, some will be inspired by local themes, etc. I will update this post as I release each team, going alphabetically by city/region. These designs are done on the VaporFlex Jersey Template I created for UniMockups. Arizona Cardinals This one goes back to the jersey worn by Larry Fitzgerald early in his career and pulls in the colors of the desert cardinal, a bird more common in Arizona than the red Northern Cardinal. Atlanta Falcons This one taps on a jersey worn by Deion Sanders and is essentially a Reverse Retro with a grey/silver base. Really love that old bird logo and this would be a great opportunity to bring back the red helmet. Baltimore Ravens This one hearkens back to the Ray Lewis era in a golden color with white removed from the number trim and left only in the coat of arms (white border also removed there). This would pair well with a purple helmet. Buffalo Bills This one kicks it back to the 1964 look but in a cream color, with elements added from the Buffalo city flag. Before you get mad and say it looks like the Chargers - relax, it's just a concept. Carolina Panthers This one is a spin on what's really the only uniform they've ever had. Blue numbers are in, using the original proposed shade (thanks to trucolor.net). I gave the shoulder stripes a tweak, adding blue cuffs with a blue helmet. Chicago Bears This one is a blue version of their 1936 jersey with a modified helmet. The white version was extremely popular, so I wanted to see the blue and did more accurate shoulder striping. Cincinnati Bengals This one is an orange version of their classic from the Boomer Esiason days with white tiger markings on the shoulders. Had to move the markings up a tad to fit today's jersey cut, but I like how it flows. Cleveland Browns This one is a variant of their 1946 jersey with a darker seal brown and vintage silver (h/t TruColor.net) with less orange. The helmet is also silver, not, white.
  10. I hear you on the lettering and will try some of those suggestions. I previously had the ball laces at the angle of the current Suns logo and also tried the straight on angle with tapered lines. The advice I got from the pros was to go with a symmetrical look for this design since everything else about it is mostly symmetrical and the tapered lines don't fit with the rest of the lines here. It did look a bit odd when I tried it...
  11. Here's an update after getting help from Todd Radom, Ross Yoshida and others. This may be the final or very close to it. Added and refined sunburst, enlarged wordmark, made ball symmetrical, removed strokes and shadowing, added "banner" behind SUNS. Seems to fit well at scale with other logos and really stands out in a good way. Thoughts?
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