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  1. I didn't like this much in the fan mockups I saw. I always loved the old helmet logos, and got those anytime I bought myself Rams gear. But I actually thinks this works. I still wish they hadn't changed the shape of the decal (the new details are fine). But I do think they worked out the new decal the best it could be done with the new shape.
  2. I wonder if they are putting wordmarks on one shoulder as a pre-emptive counterbalance to the corporate wordmarks/logos that inevitably will be on the other shoulder across the NFL some day?
  3. Is it just the font? Maybe the gradient plus font? Everyone loves the Chargers unis and their font is more rounded, though not this much, and we didn't hear soccer comparisons for them. The gradient is subtle, so it doesn't bother me.
  4. Do you mean the logos? The unis might be bad, but I don't think you can assume so based on the logos. Most of the NFL logos aren't great, and if you tried to build a uniform based on any one of them, you could end up with 100 different outcomes — some good, some bad. Logos and uniforms are both part of a team's brand, and they work together, but they are still distinct. Also, lots of rebrands that involve logos and uniforms are unpopular. More often than not, they are controversial.
  5. It could. I am surprised because more people seem to like the new horn than I expected. But to me, changing the shape that much and adding details is too much in one swing. The Vikings changes were a lot more subtle. Even when the Eagles got new decals in the 1990s, they added more details but the outline/general shape was almost identical to what they previously had.
  6. Agreed. But I was thinking about this today. Do they need buildup now? At this point, lots of general sports/NFL fans are wondering where the unis are. Not much else is happening. Some even assume (wrongly) that they are being scrapped/changed at the last minute. Rams fans, more specifically, are annoyed and anxious. It's already in the mind of most of their audience, and not with a lot of positive feelings. For a while, I kept thinking that as the wait increased, the Rams would have to do something bigger or different with the reveal to justify the delay. Now I am thinking they waited too long and might be better off just giving like a day or two notice and doing something simple with video at SoFi and maybe a fundraiser. That would at least tie the unis to something positive to take the heat off from the fans who will be pissed that the Rams screwed up their unis.
  7. It's looks fine on its own, but without the last curl, it doesn't immediately identify as the Rams. Too much of a shape change. To me, it'd be like straightening the Vikings horn, rounding the tips of Cowboys star or putting a serif on the Packers G. And, as I've said before, I don't know why you abandon a mark that has such relevant history and so quickly identifies your franchise. Radio silence on the date and the long break since revealing the colors/logos seems to have backfired. General sports fans are wondering what's happening and if they are making changes (not happening, but still that's the perception). And Rams fans have gone from having excitement to anxiety because, as you said in No. 3, the Rams are about to screw up a classic visual identity.
  8. Complete opposite take here. To me, the uniform is fine; the helmets are a big downgrade. Yes, the uniform could be better. The gradient numbers don't bother me — honestly, I never understood why we're supposed to just automatically despise gradients. Like any design element, they can be done poorly (Jags helmets) or overused (some college teams) but I don't mind it on the numbers or on the one jersey option the Falcons have. I'm having a harder time figuring out why they changed the helmet decal. They throw away decades of meaningful league history (league's first helmet logo, designed by player who was an art student) for this? I thought maybe they wanted consistent horns on the logos and decals. Nope. The LA monogram horn is slightly different than the new ram head horn. Fibonacci? Nope. The old decal is probably a truer Fibonacci spiral than the new one is. Change for change sake, I guess. It's not enough for the front office that they brought the franchise back to LA and are opening a palatial new stadium. I guess they feel they only leave a mark by overhauling the unis. They could've followed the Chargers' lead. Start with a classic and tune it up. No, they radically change, just to do it. Could be Nike's new tagline for their NFL uniforms: Just To Do It.
  9. And now we know why so many choose horns.
  10. Agreed. They should've followed the Chargers path. Both teams had a great uniform that could be improved and/or modernized with a bit if tweaking. The Rams could have just added another small crescent shape to the new horn. It would've kept the classic decal shape — one that's virtually unchanged, aside from color, since 1950 — while adding the new branding details they want.
  11. Oh, I agree. They will put the new horn on everything, including the helmets. I just prefer the classic shape, and think they could add elements of the new horn's details while maintaining the integrity of the classic shape.
  12. Personally, I'd rather see top left. If it has to be segmented, at least keep the classic shape. Top right looks fine but the shape doesn't look like the Rams.
  13. It was a hoax. OP deleted it, then admitted it. Unless you were talking about some other post.
  14. I don't know that the Rams new logos necessarily tell us much about the new unis. The Rams have had a lot of great unis, but have they ever had a great logo? For a long time, their logo was just their helmet. And teams don't always have a ton of design similarities between the logos and unis. For example, Pittsburgh has classic, clean unis. The Steelers unis and logo don't necessarily match but they do work together. When the Rams announced their new colors/logos, Demoff said this to Rich Hammond at The Athletic: "I think all of this comes to, the uniforms are separate from the logo and colors in the sense that they carry their own look and feel. There are certainly elements of the colors, logos and fonts. The brand identity as a whole, you will feel it throughout the uniform and you will recognize that, but they are not necessarily all one and the same. What you see today, you can expect color-wise, to some degree, but I wouldn’t lean into too many design elements based on what you see today, although they will be thematically somewhat the same."
  15. You're probably right. Before revealing the logos/colors on March 23, the Rams sent out teaser tweets 16 and 13 days in advance, and then announced the reveal date and time three days before it happened. So far, they haven't made a peep about the new unis. We might be weeks away.