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  1. Thank you all for your comments! Last team were the Knicks, next team are the neighbours from other borough, the Brooklyn Nets. I feel like the Nets always had a very bland identity since they moved to Brooklyn, and it doesn't have anything to do with using black and white (the Spurs made it look classic and consistent, without feeling boring or stale). Unsurprisingly, their best received jerseys seem to be the City editions (Biggie and Basquiat) and the Classic tye n' dye they've introduced this season. I kept black and white, but introducing some elements from their past. The "Nets" wordmark is the one used for the Classic edition, and the stars and stripes are from the Dr. J era. For the Statement jersey, I decided to go for something different color-wise, and used the navy from the Brooklyn seal, and a baseball style font. C+C is more than welcome!
  2. I believe the shorts from that era used a logo only at one side, and the player's number on the other. Since numbers in shorts are pretty uncommon in basketball, I only left the logo.
  3. Next team in this series is the New York Knicks! I wanted to incorporate diverse elements from the history of the franchise (like the side panels from the 90's uniforms, but without using black) and make some use of the scripts on the logo. The white jersey, in a radical change from their tradition, features the team name instead of the city. There's a lot more white and orange on the Icon one so I don't know how that would roll with Knicks fans. The Statement jersey is inspired by these classics warm-up jerseys from the 70's and 80's, and features a more retro flavour than the others. C+C is more than welcome!
  4. I choose the second one, with more prominence of the green! Good job
  5. The second team I'll tackle here is the Miami Heat. There seems to be some kind of discord about which direction should the team go aesthetically. Some prefer the classic, modern look, while some others prefer the Vice colors full time. I decided to go in an unique direction, and replace the iconic red color with orange. There aren't any orange and yellow teams in the league, and this is a look that, in my opinion, fits perfectly for a team from Miami The three jerseys use some inspirations from the history of the team. Side panels and shorts are based from the Vice collection (and the classic look), and I discarded the wishbone collar for a crew neck, just like the Spurs (NOTE: I might use the crew neck for the whole league, it's just a natural look for a basketball jersey, and it adds to the vintage feel I want to recreate in some teams). The yellow/orange combination is featured as a gradient in both the team name and the number in Association/Icon jerseys, and encompasses the whole uniform in the Statement. Feedback is welcome!
  6. Excellent concept, Mavs need to adopt this palette as soon as possible. And amazed to see your concept brought to life!
  7. I LOVE the Hawks. Great use of the triangular pattern, and replacing yellow with peach looks surprisingly good. The Community Edition is a really original idea, and very well executed. Overall no complaints in here. Keep it up!
  8. My idea was for it to end at the sides, without crossing to the back. But at second glance I realized it did look a little awkward. So I corrected it using the Alamo termination. Also replaced the "San Antonio" below the jocktag with the pattern present on the City jerseys. Just a little cosmetic thing: Thank you all for the comments and feedback! I hope to post the second team this weekend or Monday at the latest.
  9. Only correction I would make is to reverse the team name colors on the Icon and Statement (make it white on the Icon and black on the Statement). Other than that great concept, I really dig the palm trees on the Showtime and the Community is very original, great touch to make the player's name in lower case.
  10. I really like the Portland one! I wonder how it would look putting "Rip City" instead of "Portland" I think proportions are a little big on the Phoenix one. Name should be a little higher, and the flag design should be smaller. You're doing good though! You have really good ideas and I would like to see more of your work. Some jerseys might need refinement in the proportions (numbers, team name) to make it more realistic. Other than this, keep it going!
  11. I do think the same! Given they won all their championships in the classic look, it's fair to say they're white/silver/black for life, just like the Celtics and the Bulls are likely maintaining their looks forever. That said, I always thought it would be fun for the Spurs to splash them into the main set and see if it sticks. Not likely to happen though, the City jerseys are a good start anyways. Thank you all for your comments!
  12. Hi guys! So I've been away for a little but kept browsing the forum. I've been inspired by a lot of people posting their reimaginings of NBA teams like @Tore and @jb1322 (among others), and decided to give it a go! Some considerations before we start: - I'm a HUGE fan of 90's aesthetics, so some teams might incorporate elements from that era, but not in all the wilderness saw in those years - While it started as a good idea, the City Edition concept has started to run it's course. There are some amazing models (Memphis, Miami come to mind) but there's so much you can do with the story of a city. Some jerseys like Portland don't even remind me of the team they represent. So I've decided to keep it simple: Association, Icon and Statement. I'll try to keep them original enough to incorporate the team's colors, and don't fall on the BFBS jerseys seen all around the league. - I've started doing this during the pandemic, if there are mistakes in the templates please let me know. All said and done, let me present the first team: the San Antonio Spurs. As you can see, I decided to embrace the Fiesta colors fully. The script on Association & Icon is based off the Ebbets Vintage collection released some weeks ago (modified to fit into the design) and the terminations on the three straps around the jersey feature a silhouette of the iconic Alamo Mission. The Statement jersey features the script found on the City jerseys IRL, and the Alamo is more notable here. The pattern on the sides is based on the one found in the warm-up shirts used in mid 90s by the team. Let me know what do you think about it, and all feedback is welcome!
  13. Hey man, been following this thread since I last replied and I'm really surprised with your improvement! I commend you on receiving and applying feedback, without losing the colorful essence of your concepts, and making more cohesive identities. Pacers, Nets and Wizards are my favorite so far, and the Knicks are very good. I would remove the spikes on the collar of the Community Edition, I know it's meant to replicate the Statue of Liberty, but the colors already make it identifiable. About the Bulls, I do agree with @Ukyo that the curtain pattern on the sides Is a no-go. Not your fault, because the Bulls might have the best, most iconic set of the entire league (along with the Celtics), so anything you add should feel like an improvement, and not a complete redo. It already feels weird on the real jersey, so I would take that away. Hope to see more of your work!
  14. I absolutely LOVE the Nets! Anything would be an improvement over their boring identity, to be honest, but there are three elements that make the difference there: the homage to the NY Nets with the stars, the lower case wordmark (Clippers and Nets should have a lower case identity, more informal than their big brothers) and the Community Edition, which is miles better than the Pasquiat homage they leaked earlier this week. I like Washington and the Cherry Blossom is a solid idea, but it has the same issue for me as the Heat and the "Vice" identity, that it should be used in special occasions to not over-expose the identity, and remain more of a cult jersey. The Community jersey is very good, again an improvement of real life leaks.
  15. Comments on your last sets: -Phoenix is good, it came a long way. "The Valley" jersey was definitely improved by the new font - Something feels of about the Warriors, maybe you should do away with the spear below the wordmark and arch the "Warriors" to the circle - No complaints about the Heat. Maybe the number in the Community jersey should match the other jerseys numbers. - Toronto is the weakest one. I'm not a fan of the chevron design, and that custom font definitely doesn't work with the chevron shape. Either make it straight and eliminate the chevron, or use another font that works better. - Like the "Knicks" wordmark, could work better with a thinner outline. I don't think the closed number works for all the set, maybe for one jersey. - WAY better for Orlando, and the third jersey is the best you've done so far. The wordmark is an improvement. There's room for improvement in some sets, but you're definitely getting better in translating your ideas. Keep it up!
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