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  1. Yuck I see very few redeeming qualities to this uni. It can't leave soon enough.
  2. A few logos I haven't seen in a minute... Separately, I see the went retro for Marleau's potentially final NHL game. But the stealth uni is returning next year...hrm... Again, I'm getting no clear sense of direction from this franchise, particularly on a visual identity. Are you retro simply because of a franchise anniversary and Patty's finale, but normally, you're going for a BFBS modern aesthetic?
  3. The entire slate of California teams needs to make changes to their primary and/or away unis. While I kinda get the Kings and Sharks standing pat for a moment, the Ducks staying status quo is brutal. With the Yotes, Flames, and Sens going full retro starting next year, the California teams have the distinction of the worst primary/away sets in the league, along with the Caps, for my money.
  4. Love the jersey, in a vacuum. I'm just hoping they look unique on the ice and not like a pseudo-Jets. Similar to the VGK going gold, it seems obvious this team will eventually go with the pale seafoam/blue over the dark navy. Wonder if thought was given to going that route.
  5. Disappointment in my opinion, as they fixed the home and road, and maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I think their current home and road set is sharp. If nothing else, the striping is bold, and it has a subtle nod to the flags. I find if I'm flipping channels, and I turn on a Canes game where they're wearing black, for a good 10 seconds or so, I think it's the Senators... before I notice the yoke. Here's some level of wishful thinking: the team made note of the fact that grey is the only color that ties Hartford to Raleigh. Could we see "storm grey" or whatever become either the dominant color or get incorporated more into the striping pattern? Just a thought. I'd prefer this to simply elevating the current alt.
  6. I called that! Yaaaay...
  7. Because they're all "warm" colors? I think this may be an overreaction.
  8. The amount of exposure the Oilers are giving these navy alt. sweaters in Battle of Alberta games scares me... 1. That they think it's their best sweater? 2. That they're going to make this their main home sweater in the years to come...? 3. They feel going orange vs. red and yellow wouldn't look good? Oilers need to go back to the drawing board, for my money. Maybe make a set based on the RR...
  9. Someone wake me when we return to talking about the aesthetics of hockey uniforms. No one wants jersey advertising. The end. We resort to fighting amongst ourselves, and I'm sure we all share the same basic viewpoint.
  10. Assuming the howling is no more (of course, it's in the email header), both kachinas and the purple RR makes a nice set, for my $. With the caveat that you may be able to replace hunter green with purple to tie that color in better and get better contrast on the black sweater. RIP brick red, too, I suppose.
  11. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, but (1) I really like the color of his pads and (2) they make the jersey striping look more highlighter-yellow to me.