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  1. I liked this sweater. Wondering if the Jets want to phase out the aviator blue with the Kraken entering the league and emphasizing a color scheme of dark navy, icy blue etc.
  2. Maybe @andrewharrington knows. Is there an official policy on Adidas ending the Reverse Retro campaign entirely? Haven't seen or heard anything. Originally, we heard the RR could change every season. Can teams even adopt a RR as an alt if they so choose?
  3. Shame. I think the red really pops. The striping is bold, and the look (minus the meh logo) is sharp. Can we book a red Canes sweater? Not sure I get the love for the black third, either. In no way should that be elevated to primary status, IMHO, but the team is certainly promoting the third way more than the home.
  4. So Reverse Retros will be replaced by Team Classics...even though some Retros straddle the line of rebooted classics? Regardless, I'm happy with whatever excuse we get to see the classic sweaters.
  5. Can someone educate me on what this line refers to?
  6. Can you explain what this means in greater detail?
  7. Exactly. I didn't follow the original post.
  8. Was just going to post this. This gets one giant *groan* from me. They have such a nice color pallette, and this is what they trot out? Yuck.
  9. Maybe it's me, but those colors look muddy when paired together.
  10. And the black and white treatment on the logo for 2 weeks?
  11. Are the Stars just bored, or are they sending a subtle message? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10165399898860215&id=47901465214&sfnsn=mo P.S. their logo is still black and white on all their social.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/47901465214/posts/10165356764795215/?substory_index=0&sfnsn=mo Not sure if this is for a social-justice cause or what?
  13. Or maybe the helmets were introduced too late to be considered for playoffs. Not sure.
  14. Kinda shocked VGK went with their primaries (and no gold helmet!). Was expecting the gold unis.
  15. Yuck I see very few redeeming qualities to this uni. It can't leave soon enough.
  16. A few logos I haven't seen in a minute... Separately, I see the went retro for Marleau's potentially final NHL game. But the stealth uni is returning next year...hrm... Again, I'm getting no clear sense of direction from this franchise, particularly on a visual identity. Are you retro simply because of a franchise anniversary and Patty's finale, but normally, you're going for a BFBS modern aesthetic?
  17. The entire slate of California teams needs to make changes to their primary and/or away unis. While I kinda get the Kings and Sharks standing pat for a moment, the Ducks staying status quo is brutal. With the Yotes, Flames, and Sens going full retro starting next year, the California teams have the distinction of the worst primary/away sets in the league, along with the Caps, for my money.
  18. Love the jersey, in a vacuum. I'm just hoping they look unique on the ice and not like a pseudo-Jets. Similar to the VGK going gold, it seems obvious this team will eventually go with the pale seafoam/blue over the dark navy. Wonder if thought was given to going that route.
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