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  1. I keep flip flopping on this Sabres 3rd jersey issue...The piping just makes me queasy, yo. It ruins the jersey...they get rid of it then it's perfect...absolutely perfect. The white lines on the logo and the stripes makes it a perfect modernization of a classic jersey. You also have to put that logo on the shoulders like you did with the old school ones. The pit patch needs to go too...or make it the same color as the jersey and make it unnoticeable.
  2. I changed my mind, that's a good jersey right there. It'd be a better jersey without the side piping.
  3. Damn, that is too sweet! Nice Dave! I'd be a lot more excited if this jersey would have been the home jersey when they originally changed uniforms...with the white road jersey being what they had for the Winter Classic plus blue piping where the white is on the blue. It would have been fine with me because they made an attempt at putting a modern flair on history. However, this being a third jersey instead of going vintage...not liking it at all.
  4. I just hate the uniforms on the pc version solely based on the nameplates.
  5. Anyone started a petition against Reebok, their favorite team, or the National Hockey League pleading to change the jerseys to something different or back to what they were yet? I'd like to get on that bandwagon.......ESPECIALLY as a Panthers fan.
  6. The BankAtlantic Center is in Sunrise a few blocks from Ft. Lauderdale. I'm willing to bet that you're a Mets fan too.
  7. I just don't like the fact that it's all uniform. Really...they should just do like the NHL and have the captaincy letter be either the font of the nameplate, font of the team's nickname script logo, or some special font like the Blues' captain, Flames alternate captain, or the Rangers captains. I'm not down with this patch. Really the minimum captains in football are three players if you think about it. Logical situation is quarterback, linebacker, offensive lineman or special teams [i.e. kicker]. what you want to do.
  8. Unlike last year's logo where the whale looks to be flying out of the Pacific...this whale looks like it's flying out of an ice flow or a glacier.
  9. It doesn't have the quarter number on there either. I had no idea what quarter it was when I turned the game on and it was 20-7 Pittsburgh.
  10. The spires to mimick the University of Tampa's Plant Hall is very cheesy, and would/should be eliminated during value engineering. Outside if that, the can go for it. As for roofs, if a stadia has a retractable roof which is two fold, is it " like Rod Laver Arena/ AmsterdamArenA or any other two movable roofs"? Give it up. If the panels open and close at the same time as it looks as it is designed, then it is like Miller Park. Let's just hope that if apporved, that workers don't die during its construction. And "belly", if this does occur before the Marlins, it jsut means that Tampa is a city which does things, and Miami just wants to be on TV looking like the 3rd world of North America. (Note: I say that from living in both cities before the age of 18). I can understand that reasoning. Then again, this city's home to two world series trophies and constant storms in the summer. At least Tampa has a dome...but Tampa hasn't been out of last place in the AL East since its inception. And this is from a person who has lived in Miami for 23 years.
  11. I swear to god if the friggin' Tampa Bay Rays get a new stadium before the Florida Marlins I will stop watching baseball period.
  12. belly_11

    Miami Dolphins

    Great job, buddy. And I'm a home grown Dolphins fan for the 23 years of my life. Got to get the helmet on the Dolphin though. I like that there's little orange there.
  13. belly_11

    My concept

    Thanks for the template and the advice, I'm going to start on the new design now.
  14. belly_11

    My concept

    I go to the university but they don't have a hockey team. This is my concept for Florida International. I don't have a back template so I didn't do the rear. Here is the road jersey.
  15. Really? I guess I need to get a new TV then 'cause it always looked black to me. Its like how the Yankees blue looks black. The Panthers don't have black in their color scheme. When their red jerseys were their road jerseys, the shoulders were the same color blue.