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  1. I guess the biggest fear is the slippery slope argument. Sure, it's a 2x2 patch now, but this opens the door to European soccer-style jerseys of the ad basically being the team's logo. Also, every facet of our world these days are inundated with advertisements, it was nice having one minor reprieve from that, with sports uniforms.
  2. He was always huge. The second pic is when he was in college, for heaven's sake. Looks like he lost some in the NFL though, which is why he seems so huge. Me too. Definitely the best one. I also liked Round Mound of Touchdown and QBese. Ah, back in his Giants days he was known as J-Load. Or the hefty lefty.
  3. Shhhh I stealth edited after I noticed that ha.
  4. Dunno if this has been posted yet... sorry Seattle.
  5. Umm the Yankees def didn't win 125 games in 2001. That ring must be from 1998.
  6. I have 4 different ones, and although I've never been to three of the stadiums (Polo Grounds, Ebbetts, old Yankee Stadium) I can say from pictures I've seen, they are quite accurate. They are also very well made, although some do have weak parts (i.e. flagpoles, ticket booths, light fixtures). As long as you're not putting anything on top of them, they're fine.
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