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  1. That would be The Angels Angels of The Angels And their hat logo could be this... Yes, I know it was lame.
  2. I must be getting old, I completely forgot about that one. It's great as well.
  3. I've always liked this one myself... With 30 and 31 being right up there...
  4. because you touch yourself at night. Yeah, that's probably it.
  5. Dammit, I always miss the good stuff. Although I've heard Chris on teh radio before in the past. He's taking over the Canadian airwaves one sports talk show at a time.
  6. Does Alex Smith have any cousins or nieces you can use in your sig? Something else. Anything.
  7. No, you shut up. I do like the Padres camoflague uniforms though, I just really wanted to tell someone to shut up.
  8. Don't mess with Philippe Tajikistan.
  9. Is that robot still available? If so, the M's should sign it.
  10. I love the bid logo too, and I'm with you guys in hoping that the real logo doesn't suck, especially since we'll be seeing it all around Vancouver for the next 5 years.
  11. How about The New York Giants of New Jersey? --Roger "Time?" Clemente.
  12. How about Joe Carter wearing "TOROTNO"? That's the first thing I thought of too.
  13. dont worry, it wont be there long. I promise every red sox fan in this forum and worldwide that lighning WILL NOT strike twice and that title WILL come back to where it belongs! IN THE BRONX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I never paid attention to the free throw area on the Timberwolves court! Never thought that it was similar to the wolf's head. It certainly adds a touch of coolness to it for me. When was the lane red in New Jersey?? I always thought it to be navy ever since they went to the current uni set. pics of wolves court?
  15. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that.
  16. And don't forget this guy either...
  17. Okay, what I really wanna know was Bubbles' throw? Chris? If you watched the game, they showed them all fighting with each other trying to get the ball. Finally they let Bubbles throw it and he missed the plate by a few feet. It could be those glasses, because it's widely known that Mike Smith can't see worth :censored: when he wears them. I'm now thinking of adding BUBBLES #0 to the back of my black Jays jersey now. --Roger "Time?" Clemente. I don't go out of my way to watch Jays games. I glad to see that Julian didn't drop his drink in the fight though. EDIT: And yes, adding Bubbles to your jersey would rock.
  18. Okay, what I really wanna know was Bubbles' throw? Chris?
  19. How can someone complain about a pre-game cerrmony? Considering that someone usually throws out the first pitch and the anthem(s) gets sung before every game and stuff like that. Not at all like having a huge break in the middle of a game.
  20. I doubt that would work, cause the looks are way too different.