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  1. I noticed they did the same thing on their Grey Cup banner too.
  2. (in stoners voice) Woah, that guys head is a big G. Cool. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
  3. I love how they brought out the Larry O'Brien trophy like they used to bring out the Stanley Cup.
  4. I remember both the Canucks and the Rangers doing that during the 1994 Stanley Cup finals. That said, it is a great idea for the playoffs of any sport.
  5. I don't mind this name change at all, cause like you guys say, the name Sprint makes perfect sense when it comes to auto racing.
  6. It's quarter after G. That was so lame.
  7. Wow, those white helmets look even more disgusting than I thought they would. No they don't. Well they look more disgusting than HE thought--I must say they look better than the last time the Lions had white helmets (same logo with the colours switched around--the Lion was black.) Agreed. Their white helmets from the 80's were pretty bad, mostly due to the awful coloured lion like you said. I am really starting to love these unis.
  8. Wow, those white helmets look even more disgusting than I thought they would. No they don't.
  9. That was such an awesome night. I'm glad I was there for it.
  10. That's actually a neat idea (only if both Finals teams do it though, otherwise it looks like premature gloating) and I'd be in favour of the winning team keeping it on their court all next season too. Nice work.
  11. Poker Spelling bees The dog show on TSN I can handle, but it's obviously not a sport......although it probably is for the dogs.
  12. Looks alright, but I wanna see it in person before giving my opinion cause the perspective looks a little off in this picture.
  13. Yet the USOC says no to the Bay Area? Most of the facilities were built already! Also, Giants Stadium isn't even 30 years old, why a new stadium? I can understand the Jets want their own, but why? If the Jets want, lift up Candlestick and put it in the Meadowlands and there ya go! That way the 49ers can FINALLY get their new stadium. Works for me!
  14. I turned 9 that day, when cal broke the record That's pretty cool. Hard to believe it's been almost 10 years already. Man time sure flies eh? and I think they turned that picture of griffey, like that exact same one of him scoring right there into an artwork that is on the wall at safeco. Yes they did, and it's a good choice too, cause that's the moment that changed the Mariners forever. If you ask any M's fan, the double will no doubt be their fondest memory, or near the top, so it's the perfect moment to immortalize.
  15. Ahhhh yes. "Star Wars" starring T.O. and Emmitt. That was classic! That's my favourite as well. But once was enough TO.
  16. And a few more... And I couldn't find a larger version of this picture...
  17. I'm a big Cal Ripken fan and that's my favourite as well. I also like this one too... And here's some other pictures that I like...
  18. amazingly, this is the same guy: I know eh? I was shocked too. I think I figured it out though, he saw the umpire duck when the ball came at him, so he was all like "Damn, I better duck too!" Yeah.....that's it...
  19. And that was the 49ers in a nutshell.