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  1. If it's color-coded by region (and it must be, right?), I think it's great
  2. Is that a negative-space L for Lightning? And a 7 for...7yracuse?
  3. I think that's the logo for the old Soviet Beach and Yacht Club
  4. Wouldn't your kids be the ones who thought it was normal?
  5. This is NH's current one
  6. Bagwell never makes it. He's a Vets Committee pick, at best. Not knocking the guy, but if he's not close already, it ain't happenin'. All but two people in the history of voting have failed to get elected by the BBWAA after getting at least 50% of the vote at some point.
  7. Sorry to be a lurker that jumps on one topic, but... Curt Schilling - 47th all-time in WHIP Jack Morris - 453rd Curt Schilling - 46th in Adjusted ERA Jack Morris - 484th Curt Schilling - 20th in Ks per 9 IP Jack Morris - 295th Curt Schilling - 82nd in BBs per 9 IP Jack Morris - 754th Curt Schilling - Postseason ERA - 2.23 (over 133.1 IP) Jack Morris - 3.80 (over 92.1 IP) Curt Schilling - Postseason WHIP - 0.968 Jack Morris - 1.245 In searching the leaderboard pages for where Jack Morris fell, I actually had to scroll past MATT Morris on some occasions. Conclusion - Basically the Same
  8. Pretty sure the Nets embrassed New Jersey on a regular basis.
  9. Because why burn 15 potential separate publicity opportunities at the same time.
  10. I know plenty of high schools, and even elementary schools, that put their mascot - the one they use for sports - on their sign, their website, their letterhead, etc. Is this cheapening local education?
  11. Tacky design aside, at least Google Ft. McHenry and then come back...
  12. This is the 25th Wrestlemania... He's actually right, though. The first Mania was in 1985, meaning that the 25th anniversary would have to be in 2010. This. It's the same deal with anniversary logos for sports teams. I don't get your points. This is the 25th event. The 25th anniversary. You don't just add 25 to the year it first started and call that the 25 anniversary...that would always be the 26th. You have to count the first one in the year it happened. In any case, it doesn't bother me because I am not going to pay $49.99 to watch a bunch of actors act like they are hurting each other. I can go rent Bloodsport 2 for $2.99 at my local Blockbuster. An anniversary is a recognition or celebration of the original event. Going by your example, your first wedding anniversary would be your wedding.