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  1. I seem to recall seeing this Detroit Lions logo posted on here as well: http://mvptees.com/collections/frontpage/products/dencopy Yep, pretty sure that's -(dp)-'s work... You are correct. Not only did they steal it, but they removed what I believe are necessary details and made a pretty lame shirt out of it.
  2. I thought Buc's Airline Football League (AFL) was an amazing series, worthy of inclusion in the HoF. Thoroughly researched and presented, strong back stories, and killer concepts. YES. That was a fun series and pretty educational as well. I had completely forgotten about it.
  3. Lions Win Four Straight!!!

  4. Okay, here is my first try with the new template.
  5. I believe he went to filter>noise>add noise. Just adjust the settings until you get the desired effect.
  6. Thanks for the tip Patchez, I was having some problems with the Decal look as well. Here is my first real attempt with the template. Next I want to try the latest template. This is the Atlanta Foxes, TFoA's WAFL team. The logo was done by me. I went for a slightly iridescent look, with a red-orange/yellow orange. Not sure if it was succesful or not.
  7. No problem. We all sometimes overlook small things like that.
  8. If I am understanding your problem correctly, you need to select the whole image first. Go to the image you need to copy and press ctrl+A to select all. Then it should copy and paste fine.
  9. Great stuff, thanks Davidson. Today is going to go by so slow; I have this helmet template to play with and my new copy of Design Premium CS4 for my mac waiting back in Lansing. (Now CS5 will come out this week, since I finally got CS4. That is okay though, because all I have on my Mac is Illustrator 10, and my old PC only has CS2.)
  10. I have had Illustrator CS2 for a few months, but I still have been using Inkscape because I am more comfortable with it. I am now trying to learn Illustrator a little bit. I have already learned quite a bit, but I have a question. On Inkscape, when you scale something, the stroke size changes to stay in proportion with everything else, but on Illustrator the stroke stays the same while everything else gets smaller or larger. I am sure the answer is probably simple, but how do you make it so the stroke width will grow or shrink as everything else does?
  11. Does anybody know what number font Syracuse uses for their helmets? I downloaded the NFL fonts that I think somebody here made, and to me it looks like either varsity block G or H, which came with those, but I couldn't find good enough pictures to be able to tell.
  12. In Inkscape, How do you put an outline around a whole object, if you did different parts separately? I don't know how to explain it, but hopefully you guys will understand what I am trying to say. Also, is there any way to make the stroke to the outside or inside of a line in inkscape, like you can in illustrator?
  13. OK, This is probably a stupid question, but...... I am trying to do my first football uniform concept. I was wondering how you guys get the logos onto the template and warp them to look good on the 3-D helmet?
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