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  1. I seem to recall seeing this Detroit Lions logo posted on here as well: http://mvptees.com/collections/frontpage/products/dencopy Yep, pretty sure that's -(dp)-'s work... You are correct. Not only did they steal it, but they removed what I believe are necessary details and made a pretty lame shirt out of it.
  2. I thought Buc's Airline Football League (AFL) was an amazing series, worthy of inclusion in the HoF. Thoroughly researched and presented, strong back stories, and killer concepts. YES. That was a fun series and pretty educational as well. I had completely forgotten about it.
  3. Unique to the Buccaneers? That sounds exactly like Jacksonville's. Somehow, in an attempt to add depth (adding shadows to the skull) I think they made it look too flat. The skull has no character whatsoever.
  4. -(dp)-

    Kerning Game

    I got a 93. I got a 66 on one word, and the rest were mostly 90-100. Also got a 9.3/10 on the color one.
  5. Not so fast my friend! just saw a video of Ultimate Team from someone with Season Ticket, and look what I found:
  6. The game seemed to turn when Burke made the cleanest block I have ever seen and was called for a foul. That lead to a quick four points by Louisville to extend it to seven, and it felt too much at that point. Heck of a season anyway Wolverines. This team had a lot of fight in them, and just caught some bad breaks with Burke and McGary's foul troubles. Beilein and Burke deserved this so much, it hurts me to see them come up short.
  7. Lol in all D1 sports. Didn't their basketball unis tear all season long causing them to wear alternates?? And yeah this is very very weird. My guess would be that maybe the qb coach is from or st? Otherwise I really have no idea. Yes, as recently as the round of 32. See GR3 at the bottom of the screen. There have been a ton of complaints about Adidas since Michigan switched.
  8. So Michigan's QBs are wearing orange jerseys in practice... which are clearly Oregon State leftovers. Has anyone seen something like this before, especially considering Michigan is an Adidas school and that is a Nike jersey?
  9. The orange on the helmet being chrome bugs me. Otherwise, I think it is a pretty nice look. Also, anybody else think the cut of this jersey would be a nice way for the Jets to clean up the mess they have going on in the sleeve/shoulder area?
  10. Just came here to mention him. Can't imagine a much better example...
  11. What exactly is that rule meant to prevent? Rules should not be created 'just because.' I have never seen another rules violation result in as big of a penalty, when umm... there are far more serious violations. A free TD AND 15 more yards?
  12. If they really felt the need to go chrome, I think they still should have went with a standard white sticker for the logo.
  13. Lions will be wearing their blue jerseys at Tennessee.
  14. Lions vs. 49ers on SNF will be a great looking game, in my opinion. I don't think any other team makes for a nicer looking game against the Lions than the Niners do.
  15. Lions receiver Titus Young just recently had a kid named Titus, and now he has 'YOUNG SR' on the back of his jersey. I have never seen it that way,