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  1. its been awhile since i posted here..but ive been checking out your stuff and it looks great..good job man..
  2. El Pollo San Loco!

  3. I played Rugby in High School and College. I walked away from Football to play for my local Hibernian club team. Best decision I ever made. I only wish it would really take off here in the US.
  4. Ireland! Ireland together standing tall! shoulder to shoulder... We'll answer Ireland's call!!
  5. You do realize Kansas City's in Missouri, right? I do realize I could care less..Get your own pro hockey team.
  6. Hey Kansas you can't get your own freaking team?? Take the Rangers...
  7. if you wouldnt mind I'd like a New York Islanders (NHL) New York Yankees (MLB) New York Jets (NFL) Tottenham Hotspur (EPL) Navy Midshipmen (NCAA) Bridgeport Soundtigers (AHL) Shawinigan Cataractes (QMJHL)
  8. Congratulations to you Johnny Canucks for winning gold AGAIN. Can the rest of us play too?? - Nahh, just kidding.. Congratulations guys you earned it.
  9. There is no need to change the professional game just because of an incident in a mens senior league. God Bless this fella and his team mates I'm sure there having a rough go of it right now. But the OPJHL is not the NHL.
  10. How bad's Canada up at this point? I don't have the game here. It's 3-2 USA right now late in the 1st period. Canada is getting the momentum back Tavares just scored 2 goals for Canada.
  11. watching the game on NHL Network...the old "well the referees are from _______ and _________." excuse is flying....
  12. I got a bad feeling about the USA Kazakhstan game..USA looks like there looking past this team right now. The Kazaks have nothing to lose...
  13. wow..these are really awesome. great job...
  14. Wow it is gonna be ugly with Canada and Kazakhstan. I say 16-0 What channels are airing games? I'd love to see some of these games all the USA and Canada games will be aired on NHL Network here in the USA and TSN and TSN2 in Canada