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St. Louis Bats (Fantasy Baseball team)


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Hi guys,

I'm sure some of you already know, I'm one of those guys who created logos for all 20 teams of his fantasy baseball league.

One of them is the St. Louis Bats. You can see the uniforms and the logo set right here.

Now... I'm fine with the uniforms itself already, especially the home whites, but I'm not too sure about the logo set. I think the STL cap logo is fine (the owner is a Cardinals fan, so the "inspiration" is obvious) and the bat logo (secondary). The wordmarks, I can live with, but I don't mind improving them. However, I hate the primary logo and I'm not sure how I could improve it. I've thought about making some sort of a roundel logo, but I've made too many roundel logos already, so I'd like to avoid that.

How do you think I should improve this set?




Also, I've been trying to create a new wordmark for the Bats for the 2015 season but I just can't seem to make something work. I'm not overly concerned with this new wordmark right now. I just want to improve the above set FIRST before moving onto this one. I'm trying to make a Cardinals-inspired wordmark (again, the owner is Cardinals fan, so he wants to follow them a little bit). I just don't think I like the black in it at all, and maybe the font doesn't match it? The bat came from a clip art that I found via google search and I modified it a little bit. So credits goes to whoever created the original bat.


Thanks for all of your ideas, suggestions and feedbacks!

This project is MERELY just for fun and I just want to make it look as good as I can get it to be!

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I wish I could create logos that good... :oops:

But as for my actual feedback, the last logo you posted with the two bats hanging off the...bat...is a very nice tweak of the original. Perhaps introduce some more yellow? The thin outlines seem a little out of place.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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