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Roadrunner's Inkscape Hockey Rink Template


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Hello all,

Today I have for you an NCAA and NHL as well as USA High School Hockey rink templates. There is very few hockey rink templates on the internet, and even fewer that are compatible with Inkscspe. So without any further delay, here is my Inkscape Hockey Rink Templates. C&C is appreciated as I will be making updates.



MediaFire Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g8s3ixj66xt7a1r/NCAA_hockey_rink_template.svg

NHL Hockey Rink:


MediaFire Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/npndqe3ovmbj6gp/hockey_rink_template.svg

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Great template. However, an NHL rink has a corner radius of 28 feet, and the corners of your rink look a bit too sharp (relative to the rest of the rink) to meet the regulation (Or maybe they're right and my eyes are just failing me :P). If that gets fixed, I'd give this my (meaningless) stamp of approval. I've done some modelling for an NHL regulation rink before, and I found everything I needed to know about NHL rink dimensions and regulations directly in the NHL rulebook (Section 1). I give you credit, however, the rest looks pretty accurate. :D

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