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question about the mobile interface

Ferdinand Cesarano

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Pardon me for putting this thread here. There is no "About the Boards" forum; so I thought I'd put this question where the most people will see it.

I often use the mobile interface. My question is: when using the mobile interface, how do you follow a thread, quote a post, and edit your own post?

I know that I could hit the "Full Version" button at the bottom in order to get out of the mobile interface. But the last time I did that, I could not get back to the mobile interface, even after signing out and clearing my cookies. I didn't get back to the mobile interface until my phone's operating system happened to receive an upgrade. So I don't want to go through that again; I just stay in the mobile interface when I am on my phone.

Some people have said that they cannot post images when they are the mobile interface. But posting an image is possible simply by typing the [ img ] and [ /img ] tags (with no spaces, of course), and putting the image's URL between those tags.

However, I have found no way to follow, quote, and edit.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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