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Where should I start?


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I am a photoshop designer who designs flat websites and other cool things, but I am interested in designing logos.


Where should I begin with making logos?

I have customers that request a lot of logos that look like sport logos, any tips on how I can design something like this?


or this


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On 5/6/2016 at 6:28 PM, oddball said:

Research the animal. Research different types of art. Research animal movements. Then start sketching on paper. Paper is where it lives or dies.

As an art teacher and designer I can say that pencil and paper IS where to start. There are many tutorials by graphic designers that show how to design straight off the computer, but these designs look/feel robotic many times. 

Study logos themselves too. You'll start to see trends in the logos that "look good." These can be stylistic cues that you can later use to develop your own style.

Finally, post on a site like this.There is a treasure trove of knowledge, comments, and constructive criticism that can let you know what you're doing right or wrong.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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