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NBA to Football (1/31)


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Hello everyone

I have been working on a little project lately on turning NBA uniforms into football uniforms, using the Nike Match Speed template and A Riddell Speedflex template. I will try to complete all 30 NBA teams + the Sonics.

I will use monochrome for each uniform, just like the NBA should be. (Atlanta) I also will go in alphabetical order by team name (not location), like NBA2K does.


My first transforation is for the Philadelphia 76ers. Their uniforms are fantastic, and I tried to keep a lot of the elements from the basketball uniforms onto the football uniforms.76ers-HOME HELMET.png76ers-HOME JERSEY.png76ers-AWAY HELMET.png76ers-AWAY JERSEY.png


76ers-ALT HELMET.png76ers-ALT JERSEY.png

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The fact that you have a basketball logo on a football helmet is weird. If you want to be creative you could make your own logo with a football. 


The wordmark on the front of the jerseys is a little too big. I'd make it a little smaller. 


Monochrome looks bad. I'm just going to leave it at that. 


All in all, the set is solid, but it can use a little work. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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