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Uniform Colors Question


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This question may be up Pantone's alley, but I'm curious to know when a new team is formed, what model is used for colors? Do the designers come up with the teams Pantone colors first and then try to match those colors to appropriate materials for the uniforms? Pantones are nothing more than a color model for printing on paper and not coloring fabric (or am I wrong here).

Also, the names that some teams use for thier colors (i.e. Las Vegas Gold, Kelly Green) - do those names specifically relate to certain Pantone numbers?

Sorry if this is a confusing question, but I hope someone may know the answer to this.


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Some of the pros on here can explain the color choices better than I can, but as far as color descriptions relating to actual Pantone colors, the answer is no.

Atlanta Thrashers Georgia Bronze = Phoenix Coyotes Brick Red = San Francisco 49ers Cardinal.

They're all the same color.

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Oh, and there are Pantones for solid colors (printing on coated paper, uncoated paper, and matte paper), metallic Pantone colors, pastel Pantone colors, textile Pantones for cotton and paper, plastics, 4-color process colors, 6-color process colors (Hexachrome), etc., etc.

Most of the style guide stuff I see (not as much as most of you think) list the following sets for colors:

  • Pantone Solid Colors
  • Four-Color Process Colors
  • Pantone Textile Colors
  • Madeira Thread Colors
  • Marathon Thread Colors
  • Robison-Anton Thread Colors
  • Liebe Twill Colors
  • Stahls Twill Colors

Sometimes there will be TOYO Ink colors as well, but not too often. Each of these color sets match up somewhat closely with Pantone solid colors, but more often than not, they really don't. For example, the Navy Blue that the Yankees, Tigers and Red Sox (among others) use in the fabrics/textiles, is MUCH darker than the one used in print.

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Thanks Pantone! I think you've pretty much covered what I was asking. So there are Pantone textile colors. Is there such a thing as a swatch book for this, say the colors on different fabrics?

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Here's a link to Pantone's fashion & home products:

Fashion and Home

I've got the latest guide on paper...the cotton guide runs $695.00 US...a bit much for me these days...

I also have the latest Color Chooser software, which provides the RGB values for all textile colors in cotton and paper. And yes, all 1,900+ of them (3,800 in total) are in my database...

Here's a nice feature of the Color Chooser software - Adobe Illustrator swatch libraries for the paper and cotton sets...

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