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WhiteDragon's (skater20na) Challenge #1

Nick 1733

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Here's everyone's chance to design the Washington Senators/Nationals (or whatever name you think would be best) Uniforms for their return to Baseball.

Seeing as so many have done so already, I figured what the hell, let's do a competition.

If you have already done one, either post the image here or a link to the thread it's in.


Requirements: Home Uniform, Away Uniform, Primary Logo, Cap Logo, Script

Optional: Secondary Logo, Alternate Uniform

You can use whatever logo(s), colors and anything you wish. The board voters will decide the winner.

Prize: Winner of the first WA Designs Uniform Concept Challenge, yes all you get is a little image to put in your signature, but isn't that enough for you people!!! (LMAO)

Deadline: August 15th

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