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Buffalo Sabres Concept


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This is my first concept, so I wanted to keep it relatively simple. This was all done on Microsoft Paint so bear with me. 


Literally all I did was remove the disgusting silver from the Logo and Uniforms.


Let me know what you think 


C&C appreciated

Fixed Sabres Logo.png

Fixed Sabres Uniforms Away.png

Fixed Sabres Uniforms Home.png

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The Sabres really need to clean up their look, and I actually think this is a pretty solid run at that. I would maybe look at lightening the blue a little, and considering lessening the amount of yellow on the stripes, but otherwise I think its a classy look.

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Alright so I made a couple changes. I used the old Royal Blue from the original logo and i changed up the striping on the arms a bit. I know it's not going outside the box a whole lot and they do look a lot like the old uniforms, but let me know you think.


C&C Appreciated.


Fixed Sabres Uniforms Home2.1.png

Fixed Sabres Uniforms Away2.1.png

Fixed Sabres Logo2.0.png

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