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Agua Caliente Clippers of Ontario

Lights Out

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The Clippers are finally getting their own D-League team for next season (with a ridiculous name to boot), so I decided to mock up what they could realistically look like:




This is not necessarily how I want them to look, just what I think they will look like. And before anyone asks: no, Ballmer is not putting the Clippers' affiliate in Canada. It's going to be located in Ontario, California, 35 miles east of downtown LA.

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As absolutely abysmal as I find the Los Angeles Clippers' current uniforms, I actually really like the simplicity of these. The wordmarks are still highly questionable at best, but the color balance feels significantly better here with the elimination of the side panels. Also, the subtle shorts pattern is a nice complement to the minimalist jerseys. Very solid uniform concept for a minor league team, and personally, I'd be completely fine with the Los Angeles Clippers wearing these instead of what they currently wear.

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