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Knicks Using Two Different Colorations of the Same Logo?


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If you look at the Knicks website below, you will notice different colorations of the main logo, one version at the top of the website, and one on the ticket selling banner(scroll down a little so the logo at the top drops down next to the banner to clearly see the difference):




The one on the ticket banner appears to have darker, richer versions of the orange, blue, and gray.


I found two larger versions online to illustrate the difference:






The lighter one is the one Chris Creamer has listed on the website, while the darker one appears to be the one used on court:



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The lighter one used to be the official color on the logo even though they had royal blue in the uniforms....




Whereas now its the correct darker color, like their uniforms.






So essentially the ones where its the lighter color is just the people using the older/wrong file.


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