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Appeal Procedure for Banned Accounts

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If your account has been closed due to a violation (“banned”), you can appeal the penalty (provided you meet the criteria listed below) by clicking on the appeal link.


Before you submit an appeal, please review the following:

  • Appeals of a CCSLC account banning are eligible for accounts banned at least two years ago.
  • Appeals of a CCSLC account banning are not eligible for accounts banned due to circumventing other CCSLC bans/suspensions or for accounts flagged as spam accounts.  Accordingly, appeals are also not eligible for the original banned account.
  • The account holder is responsible for the account's behavior. We apply penalties no matter who was on the account at the time. Extenuating individual circumstances will not lead to the removal of a penalty.
  • Appeals are only done with the account that has been banned. No 3rd party appeals will be honored.
  • Only ONE (1) appeal per user. If you already appealed, and the appeal was denied, you cannot appeal again. We allow only for 1 appeal.
  • Successful appeals require the votes of at least six CCSLC moderators.
  • Should an appeal be successful your account will be placed in a six month probationary period.  Any intervention by CCSLC moderators during this probationary period will result in your account being banned without the option of any additional appeals.
  • Re-appeals are only granted under very narrow, limited circumstances:
    • New evidence not produced in your original appeal.
    • Unfair or mishandled appeal (outside policy). Note: A different appeal admin will review your original appeal and decide if there is enough to grant you a new appeal.
    • Other extenuating circumstance at admin's discretion.

If, after reading and understanding these narrow circumstances, you feel one of them applies to your case, you may click on the link to fill out the form and plead your case. Failure to acknowledge this will result in your one and only chance at an appeal review being rejected.


Tips for a successful appeal:

1. Be honest.

Lying to an appeal admin will end up in the appeal being Instantly denied.

  • Let’s define lying:
    • Factual lying.
    • Intentionally omitting information (leaving out details we would be interested in, or even directly asked for)
    • Implying something else then the truth.
    • Faking any form of evidence.
    • Guessing about it. If you don't remember, SAY SO, better that then some that doesn't match what we found.

This is often misunderstood. When we ask questions, we usually know the answers already. When answers mismatch with what we know, we investigate further and establish if you were lying or telling the truth. Don't dig yourself a hole you can’t come out of. Just tell the truth; it’s easier for both you and us. When we find out about just one lie, the appeal is already denied.


2. Be straightforward.

If the admin thinks you are hiding something, it will have a negative impact on your appeal.


When questions are asked, answer them to the fullest of your knowledge. Even if you think it’s not relevant.


Admins do not have the time to try to dig out every snippet of some information they want. Explain it to the closest detail you know and tell everything. Do not assume anything, TELL it.


3. Threats, abusive etc.

Keep the discussion civil. Admins will terminate any communication, and immediately deny the appeal.


4. Keep an eye out for emails/contact regarding your appeal

Once an appeal admin responds, admins will expect a response from you within a reasonable time. This is often set to 14 days (2 weeks). Due the volume of appeals, reports and general moderation duties we have, it’s just not possible to go and fetch every appealer personally. It is your job to keep an eye on the appeal.

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As a reminder, do NOT use this procedure if you weren’t banned for knowingly violating the board’s rules and regulations.  If you were banned immediately after signing up that is solely because your private IP address had an account already registered to it in which case please contact the moderator team directly to arrange to have the old account deleted/merged into the new one.

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