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2019 NCAA Tournament Bracket Wallpaper: Round of 64 complete


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Hi all, I wasn't sure I'd get this done with family visiting, and little rug rats running around but I think I made it before the Round of 64 starts. My annual bracket wallpaper is here. Details on Creation process below image.


Round of 32

Initial Bracket 


Size: 3840x2160





Since I've gone with a wood floor background every installation I've done these, I decided it was time for a change.  The dark blue, golden gray and green were chosen because the Final Four and Championship Game is in Minnesota and it went with the Final Four logo.  


- I kept the format from last year as it was the best format to read the schools. 

- School logos are uniformed on the same background. Partially because I liked the aesthetic, but really to cut down on creation time.

- New font that is hopefully easier to read, hopefully not comic-sans-y. 

- Records in Minnesota Green to stand out.  Thinking scores will be green for the wining team and navy blue for the losing team, but haven't really decided.

- Fog in front of the blue background because I think it looks cool. The added Logo to look like it was rising out of fog wasn't really planned, but I'll take it.


I've more than triple-checked my work for spelling errors, etc. However, I've been working on this for a while, I may have missed something, let me know if you notice anything. Will do my best to update the bracket in a timely manner. Enjoy!!

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