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Fantasy Hoops Logo Contest


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Your mission: design a logo and uniform package for a fantasy hoops team named east-west soul AC.

A little backstory. My first ever fantasy team was east-west soul. I won my FBA league title w/ a team built around Shaquille O'Neal (and they said it couldn't be done!) and have been a fantasy player from that day forward.

I've re-used the name on several occasions, revising it slightly to east-west soul AC (for "athletic club") when I branched out beyond just fantasy hoops.

I've always wanted to have a logo for the team. But I don't have the skills you fancy designers possess, so all I could do was dream. <<sigh>>

In time, I came to believe my dream had died. Then I saw Braden's concept for the Montreal Funk FLB squad and my dream was rekindled!

The "east-west" element refers to the fact that I grew up in Arizona but lived in DC -- I wanted to recognize both my roots and my then-current situs. The name "soul" suggests (i) that I'm a soul w/ connections both to the east and the west; (ii) that my team has soul; and (iii) a reference to soul music, a la the Utah Jazz and the Montreal Funk.

I posted a request w/ some specific parameters that I have in mind, but I think for purposes of the contest I'll leave it up to you to pick the colors and other elements of the design.

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 09/15 at midnight Pacific time. We'll put the entries up for a vote, w/ the winner to receive fabulous prizes*.

Best of luck!


* Prizes are not fabulous.

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