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In more recent days the subject has been brought to light concerning forming a design team to create sports logos and uniforms. On another thread, many issues, both pro and con, were discussed concerning the matter. Now, the matter seems to be laid to rest with the understanding that it's not as simple as doing the design and saying "Pay Me"

Many of you have some good design sense, and I don't care what anyone says, you can't teach that stuff, you either got it or you ain't.

Now, I said all that to say all this....maybe some of you young people should look at graphic design/graphic art as a career. No, you won't always get to design sports oriented logos and uniforms, and yes sometimes the tight deadlines and nit picking customers suck, but I wouldn't do anything else for a living.

And here's another hot tip, this place is a great place to hone your skills as a logo designer. There's people posting here all the time looking for the infamous "FREE LOGO"

While the designers on this board (including me) are insulted by these cheapskates. I sometimes take their requests and design them a logo. Sometimes, people are happy as a lark that you spent your time to help them and other times they'll keep asking for changes or give you somebody else's piece of crap and want you to clean it up for them. And unlike the real world ,where the customer always gets what he wants, I drop them like the proverbial hot rock and move on. I like that... :D

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I hate it when that happens. I've taken your challenge for free, come up with something that applies, and you say "I don't really like it, try again."

If you were paying me, I wouldn't care, I'm still getting paid. But I'm doing this for free. I know I nitpick others designs, but I'm trying to help them see how they can get better, not how they can see what they do isn't good enough for me.

I hope everyone here understands this: if I am overly critical, it is not necessarily because I dislike your design, but because I can see that you have the potential to improve beyond your current capabilities. Don't equate me criticizing the design with me not liking the designs or the designer.

Thanks for your words, Zoneranger. I am currently in the process of figuring out my place in God's great plan, and I'm wondering whether Graphic Designer might be that place.

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I have pretty much wanted to do graphic design since 4th grade. I am now a Freshman (9th), and not only want to do it still, I am almost sure of the fact that it will be what I will do.

I have know I would need to do more than sports for a while, but with the recent discussion, it has made me think of doing a redesign of a business's logo and identity to improve all aspects of my design.

Thanks for all the graphic designers help to guide us in or out of the graphic design business by telling us what it's gonna take.

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I say, if you like it.... then be happy!

And unless someone is paying you, then dont fret if someone else criticizes, because everyone has different design sense and artistic taste, and 50 people could love something, and 50 people could hate something.

One thing i will say..... When designing for money.... Design for the job at hand and not for your personal and artistic interest.

Meaning.... listen to what the client wants and design something that will make them happy.

I can't tell you how many times a client would want something that I personally thought was garbage, but if they are paying the bills, I'll do what they want.

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