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My 2022 Heritage Classic Concept by Charles Pius (FC Macbeth)

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Hello to you all. Yes, it's been two years since I uploaded my last jersey concept. But now, I'm here to post my version of a two teams that will face off at the Steel City known as Hamilton, ON; the 2022 Heritage Classic.


First of all, a little update to my user identity.



 Starting from this concept, all of my other concepts will always be credited under the name Charles Pius. Though my previous concept contains both my username and my real name, I decided to use my real name instead for further concepts (as well as a new letter logo meant for my name). I'll still be using the FC Macbeth moniker in online spaces, though.


Now, I'm sure you've heard of the Heritage Classic jerseys that have been released not too long ago. I'm talking about both the Sabres' and Leafs' speciality jersey which I'm going to give my brief critique to them.


As you can see, Buffalo won this one out because at least there were elements that keep the jersey from being dull. Yes, it looked like an old Boston away jersey from the late 60s to the mid 90s, but I say it uses the jersey design and applies their own Buffalo flavour at its bare minimum (just by using their own colour pallet, main logo and a secondary buffalo logo on the right shoulder). Meanwhile, all I can talk about the Leafs' new navy jersey was that the white T (for Toronto) was accompanied by a subtle ARENAS text (as a self-depricating joke on the stunt made by Harold Ballard in the 70s). That's it. Not even the cuffs from the first ever jersey makes it appearance , which could help spice up a boring jersey if only by a little. Otherwise, you're witnessing the Heritage Classic jerseys at its underwhelming state. They're not terrible in terms of what both teams are going for, but there's little to write home about.


So, with that out of the way, I decided to take up the task and produce a concept that brings in more than just dullness disguised as traditions. So here it is, two versions of the 2022 Heritage Classic concept (yes, two different versions of the same concepts just with the colours switched).



For the Leafs jersey, I decided to use the Arenas' debut jersey and add a little twist to it. For instance, I added silver as a tertiary colour as a way to deviate from every traditional looking jersey. Also, I took the Arenas shield logo and combine it with the elements from the actual Leafs jersey (like the Arenas text with the block T). The silver trim was used on everything including the cuffs, the hem, the player names and numbers and even the captain patch. My intention is really simple; turning a boring navy jersey into an exciting one fit for all generations (except for the hardcore traditionalists who feel irate seeing this in action.).


For the Sabres jerseys, it's a two-tone take on the Buffalo Majors jersey of the AHA. Unlike the Buffalo Bisons (which everyone uses their jerseys as an inspirations for many Sabres concept), the Majors don't have much of a history in terms of how many seasons they played in the league (in this case, its two). Problems that lead to their short tenure include their financial difficulties likely from the Great Depression and the great cost of travelling for road games when Buffalo, NY was miles away from the Great Plains where most teams in the AHA are located in. Nonetheless, I'd like to be different from people who kept on throwing back the Bisons jersey for the millionth team and go for a design that's rarely been thrown back in only a few concepts. Really, it's a straight up recreation of the Majors jersey on a Adidas template and in Sabres colours. Since it's been 90 years since the Majors were defunct, it felt fitting for them to bring it back to the modern times.


One thing you all noticed was the light brown texture on the pants and the gloves. It's to simulate the old leather-made equipment worn during the early days of hockey. That's all you need to know.




As for the 2nd version of the set, it's just that the colours have been reversed with the Leafs in white and the Sabres in blue. I wouldn't mind seeing a reverse retro version of a white Arenas one the next time the latter came up with that idea. The only way I change the set was to give the Sabres a yellow helmet to counteract with the Leafs blue helmet. Though, it all has to do with maintaining consistency than anything.


Let me know if there's something to improve upon (like the presentations and the overall designs). C&C are always appreciated here!

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I like your thinking here and I get your rationale for your designs.


I actually think the jerseys for the Heritage Classic game are nice as they are. 

A lot of people have been negative on the Leafs Arenas jersey. Many are looking for "more"... but there is something to be said for history and simplicity. There is beauty in simplicity and I think they nailed that. If you look at the fine details, it's very well done. They have purposely left out details such as arm striping or shoulder patches to be true to a throwback jersey. I do dig your concept of using the shield though. I think the outline around the numbers isn't really needed to give it more of the classic or throwback look.


For the Sabres jersey, I think they've also nailed that old school look with the off white and simple striping. Your design is cool, but I feel it's a little too modern of a design for the Heritage Classic... meaning there is no real sense of history. Also, spelling out the team name rather than using the Sabres logo is lacking something. The Sabres logo is so good... I think it needs to be on there. The yellow version is a little harsh but if you used an off white and combined it with navy and gold... along with the Sabres logo it could look dope. The blue version, I'd try more of a navy and again along with gold and the Sabres logo would look great. 

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