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the_grateful_ted's "Best Of" College Football: Week 5

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I'll be honest, this was a pretty unappetizing week.  There was only one game that really wow-ed me, and a whole lot of "meh". Arkansas vs Bama and Miss State vs A&M will not be on the list, for good or for bad. I know they both looked scrimmage-y, but individually they're all still great looks. Oregon's colors looked great, but the actual designs look like their from a Wal Mart discount bin. No thank you. 


#1: Mizzou vs Georgia 


Great contrast, great "pop". Mizzou in all-black just looks right to me, with the right opponent Georgia could always be up here.


#2: Penn State vs Northwestern


This was the opposite of "pop"... but it worked.  The aura of "Big Ten Football" was strong here, from Penn State's classic unis to the October downpour.  Don't think it would've been this high up in other weeks, but in a pretty "meh" week it climbs up the rankings.


#3: UCLA vs Washington


If this was a day game, it would've vaulted to #2. Even under the lights it was a spicy matchup, glad UDub was in purple pants.


Honorable Mention: TCU vs Oklahoma


Loved the colors, loved the sunshine, hate when TCU goes chrome. If they had stuck to their normal helmets, would've been top 3. As is, still a really fun-looking game.


Dishonorable Mention: Baylor vs Oklahoma State


Do I even need to say anything? Put Baylor in any combo of yellow AND green, and give OSU some more orange/black, and this might be top 3. Hugely disappointing, borderline illegal.


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