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This is part 3 of my ongoing Alternate Asian Leagues series which is concurrent with part 1 (Pro Liga India) and part 2 (Indian Pro Basketball). We finally aren't doing an Indian league, fully at least. You see, back in 2022 there was an announcement of a United International Baseball League. This eventually became Baseball United which is a baseball league trying to cover both the MENA and South Asian regions (so India is partially here). For those reading this, I would appreciate it if anyone would try and watch the exhibition games in November 2023 and the first season in 2024. But back to the concepts. I have taken over as the god of an alternate 2050 running these Asian leagues and thus I rebranded and expanded 



The format of the league will be:

  • 16 teams
  • Divided into Middle East and South Asia divisions.
  • Further divided into Arabian League,  Gulf League, Indian League, and Subcontinental League.
  • So 4 leagues of 4 teams.

Also because I like the flags of NPB, I have made Flags along with the logos for the 4 leagues.



And here are the variations of the main logo for each team and their color schemes.


The previously announced teams of Dubai Wolves, Mumbai Cobras, Abu Dhabi Falcons and Karachi Monarchs will be in this, which you can recognise by color scheme.



Middle East Division

Gulf League:

Arabian League:

South Asia Division

Indian League:

  • Mumbai Cobras

SubContinental League:

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The next team we have is a completely new team. Founded in 2024. Doha has a rivalry with both Manama (neighbours) and Dubai (rival cities/countries). Regular Gulf League series contender. Won their only United Series crown against fellow expansion team Lahore, delaying their first title for a few years.

The Alternate Uniform is based on the 2006 Asian Games and 2019 World Beach Games logo colours.


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The final team of the Gulf League is from Manama, the capital of the smallest nation taking part, Bahrain. Consistently among the weakest teams in the entire league, the team nevertheless enjoys surprisingly strong support, especially in the 2039 season when they won their first title against the Lahore Lions.Y1Ji7Nb.jpgOz2YREZ.jpg7I7Kaxi.jpgC8WR3MZ.jpgbs5icdS.jpg

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The first team of the Arabian League is the Cairo Pharaohs (Honest thoughts: I think the branding of this team and this division are the worst, if I revisit this project after completion, I am gonna put more effort on this one). The logo is inspired by the Pharaoh's Golden Parade logo. They are one of two teams never to have won the league and maybe the most distant team in the league.


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The second one of the Arabian League, the Kuwait Blue Wave (no relation to Orix Blue Wave) have its branding inspired by the nicknames of the national teams and Olympic Committee of Kuwait. They are the second team to have never won the league but also the only one to never reach the Middle East Series (ALCS equivalent for the Middle East division) and this is due to the spending power of the other 3 teams in the league as well as the Gulf-Subcontinent disputes of the 2040s which led to the South Asian dominance of the 2040s.



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The third team of the Arabian League (I screwed up the alphabetical order), the Jeddah Giants joined the league in 2024 along with Riyadh. The financial might of these two ensured that the Arabian League is always dominated by Saudi teams, culminating in their 2031 United Series win. With the 2040s debacle however, the Giants have started to falter and give way to Cairo and Kuwait.



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The last team of the Arabian League, the Riyadh Knights joined the league in 2024 along with Jeddah. The financial might of these two ensured that the Arabian League is always dominated by Saudi teams, culminating in Riyadh's 2030 United Series win. Riyadh is the most dominant team in the league and is associated with Al Nassr, hence the alternate color scheme.


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For the First Team of the Subcontinent League, We head to Sri Lanka. An expansion team in the 2030s with Dhaka, Cairo Kuwait and other teams, the Colombo Maroons have been the weakest team in the subcontinent. Colombo managed to put together a cinderella run, beating Lahore, Mumbai and Riyadh to win the United Series in 2043.


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A beloved part of Bangladesh's sports culture in 2050, Dhaka Robins are the most successful team in the Subcontinent League with the most United Series appearances out of all teams. Named after the national bird (Oriental Magpie-Robin), the Robins regularly compete with the Pakistani and Indian teams and were Champions in 2033 and 2045.


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The Lahore Lions are the unluckiest team in Baseball United, having been in the most United Series appearances without a win. Inspired by the defunct Lahore Lions cricket team, the Lions have a penchant for giving out the first United Series titles to many teams such as Doha, Manama, Riyadh and Jeddah. Lahore finally won in 2035 in one of the closest baseball matches ever against the Dubai Wolves


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