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Real San Jose


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Ok, so its a day late. But here is my idea for "Real San Jose"

I feel the "Real" moniker would work for a San Jose club because San Jose is a city with a lot of spanish influence.

for the badge, I used a rounded triangle, seeing as how the three teams associated with San Jose all use a triangle of some sort in thier logo (Sharks, SaberCats, Earthquakes). The wavy sun is sort of the city logo of San Jose, and yes there are a lot of palm trees there. The ribbon says "Est. 1996" because this would be a good possible moniker for the Clash/Earthquakes to change to should they remain in San Jose

I wanted sort of a more contemporary look for these uniforms, although they still have the rugby shirt style collar. Its the only template I have.

colors are teal from the Sharks (its actually thier old teal because thier current was too dark to match well with the other colors), blue from the earthquakes and San Jose State, and the gold is from the SaberCats and can also be from SJSU.



there are gonna be those who will most likely not give a good vote to these, simply because they have teal. I dont understand how teal can be considered a "wimpy" color by the same people who like something like powder blue so much. Oh well, I guess in thier explanations they would get rather anal retentive about it :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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