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  1. understands that exposing forum cancers is not a holy war.

  2. has no respect for Northernist trolls. They eventually get banned just like Petko

  3. will kick you in the groin, because you deserve it.

  4. Hi Percotti! Checking up on me again?

  5. keeping d-bag B!-mods honest no matter how defensive they get about it

  6. is a shotgun moderator, and I voted Yes on Prop 8

  7. is a fan of a World Series Champion and nobody can :censored: on it!

  8. is one shark that will NEVER be jumped

  9. I find nothing wrong with those jerseys as alternates. Now if they went Padres and wore them too often, then yeah. Still, the home uniform could stand to have some orange trim on the numbers and the D. I dont care how perfect the lot of you say the Tigers home uniforms are, there needs to be some orange on them. You got two team colors, use them.
  10. yup, there go the Olympic Stadium in Montreal comaprisons..... nonetheless, one thing that intrigues me about this sort of design, is how will it stand up to a potential hurricane?
  11. Rays unveil plans for waterfront ballpark in downtown St. Petersburg Rendering of proposed ballpark (PDF) Look pretty good if I do say so myself. Even the idea they have for a retractable roof. (waiting for it......)
  12. yup, all 20 teams you like have made bad trades
  13. how come nobody reads these first before creating a new thread that just ends up in the graveyard?
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