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  1. Someone remembered my Senators concept jersey? Oh hell yea. I'm surprised they didn't go with the 1921-22 jersey since that was the year the St. Pats won their only Stanley Cup. The jersey is virtually the reverse of the one they chose, green on top, white band around the chest, green stripe below and white waist stripe, but... the name is just text and the one they chose is more of a "logo" format which would lend itself to hats and t-shirts better. About the numbers each being on a separate "number plate", I've never seen a picture of the back of those sweaters to know if that is historically accurate. Has anyone else? Toronto St. Pats 1921-22 Any word if Chicago is going to wear a throwback of some sort? They weren't a team until after this jersey was no longer being worn.
  2. The designs are very accurate (save for spelling Sverige as "Sverge") except for all the jerseys being rendered in darker tones to create a dramatic visual effect when the properly bright colored USA and Soviet Olympic jerseys were on screen. It took me long enough to get the jerseys in the movie. I can't imagine having to chase down Canada, Poland, the Netherlands and Japan as well, the teams from the Red Division the US never played against. There were more jerseys from the movie, an IHL All-Star exhibition game as well as the multiple practice jersey styles from the early tryout scenes, some of which were more than just generic college names in a block font, but I passed on being overly fanatical about going after those. There were other things that did come up on ebay after the filming, such as USA hockey pants, socks, equipment bags and Soviet helmets, but I never made the leap beyond the jerseys except the Soviet CCCP winter jacket and track suit that I just couldn't resist. I don't ever recall seeing a US track suit for sale, but they did have them in the medal ceremony scene.
  3. Some time after the movie Miracle came out in 2004, some of the jerseys used in the filming of the movie started to appear on ebay. I first saw the West Germany jerseys and thought they were unique, badged like a soccer jersey more than crested like a hockey jersey. I waited to see if the prices would drop as they listed jersey after jersey from the set, also hoping to get one with a very "German" name on the back. Eventually I waited too long and they sold the entire set. Oh well. Later on I got the chance to get some of the other countries jerseys for some reasonable prices and began to pick up more and more. Eventually I decided to try to get the entire set of all 11 varieties. Most proved rather easy to get, with a few requiring a bit of searching, like Finland and the Soviet Union. I was even able to add a Soviet winter coat and track jacket, but the German jersey proved highly elusive. I think part of the issue may have been the jerseys didn't say "Germany" on them anywhere and may have been listed on ebay as something else, like "red hockey jersey" or "eagles jersey". It finally took about ten years for one to show up on ebay - and with a buy it now price. My heart was pounding as I tired to complete the purchase while on my phone at work with a horrible cellular connection. All it was going to take was one more collector in my position to scoop the jersey up while I fought for a signal, so I didn't even bother to make an offer. Whatever I overpaid was my fine for not getting it when I had the chance the first time around. The film was released on this date in 2004 and here is a link to my story on the movie and my collection. http://thirdstringgoalie.blogspot.com/2016/02/miracle-movie-jerseys.html
  4. Sorry to dredge this up from the past, but with the jersey now officially released, it's hopefully relevant again. Swap the original brown for black and you pretty much nailed this one. That said, Option #2 is based on one of my all-time favorite NHL jerseys ever, and a sadly overlooked style that really needs to see the light of day once again as a throwback of some sort, be it a third jersey or future outdoor game. That beauty is a 10 out of 10 in my book.
  5. "The pinstripes, which they adopted for the 1987 season — their first World Championship season — are out, and “a cleaner, more contemporary look with Kasota gold accents” will be the new standard home uniform, Twins president Dave St. Peter said. Understanding that we introduced a throwback uniform with pinstripes five years ago, we thought that gave us the liberty to look at something without pinstripes now,” St. Peter said. “Major League Baseball introduced the Kasota gold trim for the All-Star Game, and we really liked it. The color is symbolic of the sandstone that you see in Target Field, that comes from a quarry near Mankato.”" You know what? sandstone. I'm still disappointed the ballpark wasn't brick to fit in with the other buildings in the warehouse district where the stadium was built, it's not an attractive stone in the slightest and WHO CARES that it came from a hole in the ground in Mankato? As I stated earlier in this thread, at least the gold isn't yellow, but having the gold drop shadow up against the red outline just looks like color printing that is out of registration. It bugs me. And now we've got even less continuity across our scattershot collection of unrelated jerseys. Script this, custom font that, trim down the placket, no trim down the placket. She's a mess at Target Field more than ever. And sandstone.
  6. Maybe they will demote that one to an alternate I'm pretty confident that the white pinstripe is over and done with. They already have blue and cream alts to wear at home, even though it makes me nuts when they wear "Minnesota" at home. They are certainly breaking with some recent tradition by having the names on the back the same base color as the numbers. It's been a long run for red numbers (w/blue outlines) with blue names on the home jerseys. Even more so for the blue jerseys with two color names and numbers. If the name on the front was red outlined in white, then the front numbers were the opposite - white outlined in red. The road blues from 1997-2008 were the same rules, but with the colors the opposite of the home blues on the front. It just won't look "Twins" to see two color names on the home whites along with them being the same pattern as the numbers. I wonder if they will use numbers on the front? THAT would be very hard to get used to not having.
  7. Wait, they actually WORE that?! I never thought they would mix eras like thatIt was to honor the 91 World Series team, but they had already decided they'd only wear the cream jerseys the rest of the season to honor Killebrew. That's how they wound up with an odd combination of tributes.Edit- to clarify, the M cap had not been worn since the Metrodome days, but the 91 WS team tribute had been planned all season. Then the Killebrew tribute apparently overrode the 91 WS tribute, thus arriving at the photo above. EXACTLY right. The Twins retained the M logo cap for the 2010 season as an alternate option "at the players request", but never wore it in 2010. Then in 2011, they only wore it for the 1991 World Series tribute weekend. In 2012, the Twins had yet to wear the M until they wore the navy cap with the camo M on Memorial Day. In retail we had the home and road camo TC caps and not a single camo M cap anywhere. Never saw it coming since they had only wore the frickin' things 3 times (in the space of one tribute weekend) in two seasons plus two months. They won that game and then wore the standard blue with red M the next day and won again. So they wore it again. And again. They had a good week so the caps stuck around for a while over the next couple of months, but the team sucked and the "lucky" wore off and it faded out of favor once again. I'm not sure they ever wore it again in 2013 or 2014 even though it remained an option. It was still an option in 2014, wasn't it?
  8. You are a man of opinions to the far extremes, aren't you? I personally never liked the M logo caps, but I understand what they were doing with them when they were introduced. It also made sense to wear the M on the road and the TC at home, and I'd be fine with that if it ever came back. There is, and always will be, people who like the M cap. I had a request for one every shift I worked at the team store at the stadium. The thing was, it was never two - just one request per day, which wasn't enough apparently for the boss to order even one single M style in a wall that could hold several hundred styles. I'm not sure I understand the dislike of the current road cap with the blue crown and red bill. I like it a lot and wonder why it took them so long to do one. It's not like Cleveland owns that color pattern, and with all the red and blue teams out there, certainly more than one is allowed to use it. For what it's worth, the Twins had no less than eight authentic caps over the course of last season! Home, road, home BP, road BP, Memorial Day, 4th of July, All-Star BP and All-Star Game, which was so close to the home BP it wasn't funny. Blue, Blue & Red, Red & Blue, Red, White & Blue, Red and another Red, White and Blue. No wonder they need to add gold. They've run out of possible varieties with just red and blue!
  9. The M caps sold very poorly, so poorly that they team shop at the stadium didn't even stock them this past season and were only forced to order them before that because the team shocked the retail operation by wearing the M in the camo version on Memorial Day and then proceeding to decide it was a "lucky" cap and wear it for the next two months. https://twitter.com/TwinsPrez/status/529833630827560960
  10. I am fine with the metallic gold versions of the wordmark and even the athletic gold version of the red letters outlined in white but do not care for the top left version with the blue letters outlined in red with the yellow drop shadow, which is what I fear they will actually be doing based on the descriptions I've red. To my eye, the yellow against the red looks like printing that is out of perfect registration, such as in a poorly done Sunday funny pages. As for the cap logos, I prefer the ones with the gold right up against the letters without the blue in between. I'd sure like to see them just once introduce a game jersey with the TC on the upper left chest, similar to things the Giants have worn with the SF logo. The real missed opportunity for that was the sleeveless vests, which were just the home whites with the sleeves chopped off.
  11. Here is a shot of the University of Minnesota equipment truck from what I believe was 2009. Not sure if they change the design annually or not. One interesting note is I see this truck at Target Field since it is used to take the Minnesota Twins gear down to spring training in Florida every year.
  12. That's the thing: it's not even a puck. It's an eye. As in, "the eye of the storm". At least, that's how I've always seen it. We're looking at the bottom of the puck because we're below the hurricane. We're on the ground, or ice, looking up at it, not looking at it from orbit. I'm still taller than a puck and have always looked down onto the top of them. It's the only way that logo feels right to me. I've also never seen a photo of a hurricane from underneath, always a satellite or radar image from above, so that logo will always look upside down to my eyes. As for the Dallas Stars new uniforms and shade of green, the University of North Dakota called and wants their template back.
  13. Likes: Simple old-school look. The road white reminds me of the 1976-77 Cleveland Barons. Nit-picky Dislikes: The home and road striping don't match in the least Why no laces on the home whites? With the stripes and laces not matching, perhaps the team that designed the reds should have called the team that did the whites to coordinate a little bit. Solid red pants. Those need a stripe down the side to break up all the red, red, red. Black pants with the reds are long overdue. The crest is a tad too high, crowding the laces. An inch or two down would have been better. Hates: I really loved the old, italicized name and number font. Going to miss that. The damn logo is STILL upside down! We're looking at the BOTTOM of the puck and it still drives me crazy.
  14. The Miracle on Ice was 33 years ago today. Tomorrow Mike Eruzione is auctioning off both his blue gold medal clinching jersey and his white Miracle on Ice jersey, which is expected to set the record as the highest price ever paid for a hockey jersey, surpassing the $1.27 million for Paul Henderson's 1972 Team Canada Summit Series jersey. Read about it here. http://thirdstringgoalie.blogspot.com/2013/02/1980-united-states-olympic-team-mike.html