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  1. Someone remembered my Senators concept jersey? Oh hell yea. I'm surprised they didn't go with the 1921-22 jersey since that was the year the St. Pats won their only Stanley Cup. The jersey is virtually the reverse of the one they chose, green on top, white band around the chest, green stripe below and white waist stripe, but... the name is just text and the one they chose is more of a "logo" format which would lend itself to hats and t-shirts better. About the numbers each being on a separate "number plate", I've never seen a picture of the back of those sweaters to know if that is historically accurate. Has anyone else? Toronto St. Pats 1921-22 Any word if Chicago is going to wear a throwback of some sort? They weren't a team until after this jersey was no longer being worn.
  2. I think powder blue and yellow are the worst colors for a pro sports team ever and only suitable for an infant's bedroom.
  3. Yeah, cuz their current jerseys are so much more creative Current jerseys may not be as creative, but I'd rather use those than the ones we're lookin' at here. These just have a fake look to them.... They were fake before there were fakes! Here's my story on the Norqiues unused jerseys and their proper colors. http://thirdstringgoalie.blogspot.com/2012/04/setting-record-straight-quebec.html
  4. My list is really obscure, but here goes. 2005 Latvia Nike hockey jersey. A one year only style. All teams got sharp new styles for the 2005 worlds but they were short lived when the 2006 Nike Swift styles arrived. West Germany jersey worn in the movie Miracle. The only style to appear in the movie I don't own. Just kicking myself to no end for not getting one when they were first on ebay after later deciding to try to complete the full set. The were made by A.I.S. and are a dark red with grey stripes and numbers. This was a filming trick to mute the colors of all the other jerseys when compared to the bright colors of the USA and CCCP jerseys, which then visually lept off the screen.
  5. I have made a couple of custom projects. I have not gone so far as to do the sewing myself, but I did come up with the concepts and had these produced. This is a early 90's Hartford Whalers alternate that never was. At the time they had a blue road and white home set. I found this blank green lace up collar jersey blank and bought the pucky the whale patches separately off of ebay, which at the time was a rare find. I then chose the color pattern for the name and numbers and had it customized. I later found out it was a Plymouth Whalers uncrested jersey. This next one was a blank Ottawa 67's jersey I had made into an Ottawa Senators throwback barberpole style, complete with the white square on the back for the numbers. Again, I had to locate all the proper patches for the main crest and shoulders off of ebay and even added a memorial patch to the chest to bring it into modern times. I then did an old time version with a Willabee and Ward "1904 Champions" patch. I chose 7 for the "Ottawa Silver Seven".
  6. Now there is a whale. Spectacular jersey! That's my jersey. I bought a blank one from icejerseys.com, got the shoulder patches off of ebay and had the front lettered with the same font for the name on the back and had it customized with Stu Barnes. Here's my story on the game. http://thirdstringgoalie.blogspot.com/2009/10/2001-02-buffalo-sabres-new-york-stu.html My want list is currently a Germany jersey used in the filming of the movie "Miracle". I have all the rest of the countries, but would like to add the German one. I'd also like a 1972 Minnesota Twins road jersey. It was a one year only style. Also a recent vintage Twins St. Patrick's Day jersey. Where did all those disappear to anyway? FInally, at least for now, is a 2008 Russia "CCCP" throwback worn once at the World Championships. Why on Earth wasn't this made for retail sale? Cripes, if Ovechkin wore it, you'd have thought they'd have made them by the thousands.
  7. Nice post. I don't think the teams should turn the fans away at the gate, but just like some arenas won't let you bring in a "professional" camera, it sure would be fun to see them announce a week ahead of time that they are not getting in wearing a fake jersey and make them take it back to the car before they get in. If they did do that, a large number of people would be outed for having bought unsuspecting relatives fakes who didn't know they had been given one. We sure had that come up a lot at the store last year. I am surprised more teams have not done anything to educate their fans the way Montreal did in some way, any way at all.
  8. I know the Montreal Canadiens had a trade in sale where they offered a discount if you turned in a fake jersey, but it would be really interesting to see what would happen if a pro team really, really took a hard line against fakes. Not allowing people into the stadium wearing or even possessing fakes, not allowing players to sign fakes, not allowing vendors to sell fakes near the stadium or at team sponsored events, like their fan fests. It sure would be interesting to see how many people would be turned away or would have to surrender their fakes to be allowed in the stadium on a game day. THAT would make the news and draw some real attention to the issue, and it might be worth the possible PR hit to try it if you could spin the media attention the right way and have them cover the anti-American Chinese counterfeit angle rather than have the issue become the greedy team angle.
  9. Hahaha! Gotta love the overlapping digits. That's a new low.
  10. I work at the main team store at Target Field. When it's the pregame rush in the store and I'm talking jerseys with someone and the subject of fakes comes up, there's a little game I like to play. I tell them I can spot a fake jersey within 10 seconds. There's so many of them around now I haven't lost yet. I can't really argue with people who say "I know it's fake but it's all I can afford and it's good enough for me." I don't like it, and it probably costs my company money, but I can't argue with their reasoning. What I don't like is people who come in and tell me "they can get any jersey you want for $40 and you can't tell the difference". I can tell the difference from 100 feet away when they walk in the door. The other thing that bugs me are people wearing fakes who come over and check the price of legit ones to "see how much they saved". Well, the spent less, but since they didn't buy a real jersey, they didn't "save" anything, they just paid less for something that is worth less. And worthless. Big difference. We even had a supervisor accept a fake jersey in exchange for a real one! And it was in a size they don't make for retail! For those of you who buy fakes and think no one will notice, those of us who do care, do notice and think less of you. As for the Twins jersey posted earlier in this thread, the sleeve patch is a giveaway because it's flat across the top and bottom. It's supposed to be arched. And real patches are sewn onto the jersey, not embroidered into the jersey. Still with me? If anyone here cares about the difference between real and fakes, can spot the difference and lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, we have a job fair coming up to hire people for the retail store and I can get you on the inside track for a job at the stadium team store. Send me a PM and I'll give you the details.
  11. So with Texas staying put, the Big 12 will have ten teams and the Big Ten will have 12 teams. Riiiiight...
  12. I was always afraid of damaging the edge of the patch trying to separate the backing starting at the outer edge. As for cutting the backing, you can just score it a number of times. The backing is thick enough and stiff enough that I may not actually cut all the way through it myself, but when you fold it along the score, the plastic is stiff enough that it will crack and split open easily. Also, while it causes no harm to your cookware, I recommend using your oldest, most beat up sauce pan and only doing this while your wife is not home. It's just a good way to keep the peace around the house rather than getting interrogated or crabbed at the entire time you are "wrecking" "her" cookware.
  13. For me, the hair dryer method is too loud and too tedious to stand there holding the hair dryer. With the boiling method, I can go check my email while the 10 minutes ticks by. Just don't forget what you are doing and let the water boil away! The smell of burnt plastic will alert you to your scorched pan and ruined patch. Also, NO MICROWAVING! I did that once to a patch with metallic threads and it left burn marks on my patch within 10 seconds. The towel and brick method sounds like a winner though. I just happened to have a heavy box full of sports programs on it's way to the basement the night I took the photos, so that's what came to mind to recommend.
  14. Here is my method for removing the hard plastic backing from patches. These are the patches that come from National Emblem and have the warning label on the back. Most patches have a thin layer of flexible backing to seal the threads so they won't unravel and to keep the backing material from fraying around the edges. These can be sewn as is and do not need to have the backing removed. Step 1 - First, read the warning label on the back and laugh at the part where it says putting the patch on a jersey will ruin it's value. Then, take a sharp knife and cut an "x" in the plastic, being careful to not cut all the way through the plastic and into the patch itself. Step 2 - Fold the patch along the cuts to get the plastic to start to start to loosen from the patch. Step 3 - Boil the patch. Ten minutes should get the job done. Step 4 - Take a needle nose pliers and grab the point of one of the pieces of plastic and twist the plastic back on itself toward the outer edge of the patch. If you have boiled it long enough, you may even get a second piece off during this step. Step 5 - Return the patch to the boiling water once it cools too much to get any more pieces off and, after another 5-10 minutes, repeat the removal steps by again grabbing the point of the plastic in the center of the patch and twisting if off towards the outer edge. Step 6 - Once all the plastic is off, scrape off as much of the warning sticker that remains and blot the patch dry with a paper towel. I make a habit of putting it under a stack of books or heavy cardboard box to flatten it while it dries. Once this is done, your newly flexible (but now devoid of "collectible value") patch is ready to be sewn on any jersey, which will only increase the jersey's collectible value.
  15. Any insights into what this font is for the numbers from the Cubs 1997 throwback game? You care barely make out the serifs on the "1" on Ray Sanchez back in this shot if that helps. Also, is it the same font as the White Sox used? From what you can see of the "4" in the first Cubs shot, it looks the same as this one.
  16. That 1969 Orioles vest is one of my all time favorite jerseys. Damn that's sharp. If they sold any of that style to the public after the turn back the clock day, I'd love to have one. Heck, I've been tempted to buy one with sleeves and see if I could possibly have it converted by a tailor I love it so much. Heck, while I'm at it, I also love the "Baltimore" road jersey to death as well. Ebay. No where else but ebay. According to the information I have from the seller and the oft-criticized Mr. Henderson's guide, the Expos road BP jersey was never made for retail, so if you have one it's some sort of team issue and this one was purchased at their spring training facility in 2000 as a game worn. It wasn't cheap, but it was listed on ebay as "rare" but NOT as a game worn in any way, but I suspected it was based on the info I had going into it. With that in mind, plus the 30th Anniversary patch, it being a defunct team, how incredibly beautiful I thought it was and being my size, I bid according to what I felt it was worth to me. Maybe a lot for a BP jersey, but I've spent more on game worn jerseys, and with no retail version option, I didn't want it to get away. Only after I had the auction did I inquire about it source where the seller confirmed where he bought it and how it was represented to him as having been worn by the team. That was a bit of strategy on my part to wait since I was very certain based on the information presented in Henderson's guide that it was a team used jersey, and I didn't want to ask him during the auction and have him then post that information on ebay while it was still open for bids in case the other bidders did not realize it's likely origins.
  17. Only when people stop listing his guide as a credible source. Do you at least consider it a starting point and send in corrections when you find them in order to improve it, or do you just slam it when you can? I smell an agenda here... You mean this beauty here? (Which now resides in my collection, BTW)
  18. It's always a good day when I can find a free font that I like. It's a really good day when I can get 34 of them. It's a truly great day when those fonts are so meaningful and relative to what we like so much and otherwise impossible to get on top of it. I think each person who downloads them owes you a free beer. With over 15,000 members registered, I think that pretty much means free beer for life really. Thanks guys, you rock.
  19. The little "connector" from the letter to the swooshe is pretty skinny with Ephemera, and I actually don't own Ballpark. Is that one much thicker?
  20. Someone out there needs to make Fenway Park with swooshes. There's a fortune waiting to be had, execpt of course that no one ever wants to pay for a font! Fenway Park is the one I use the most. If I need a swoosh for it, I try to borrow one from a Kansas City Royals or similar vector logo. By the way, the Letterhead Font "Billhead" rocks as well. No swooshes, but man what an excellent font for vintage sports desins. It's actually three fonts and you can mix the fonts, using uppercase from one version with lowercase from another.
  21. Once in awhile when I download a vector logo from Brandsoftheworld.com, I get a Corel Draw file (.cdr) I have photoshop and illustrator at my disposal. Is there a trick or method I can use to get a Corel Draw file to open somehow without having Corel Draw? I did a search on the board and didn't find any results. Thanks, Jeff
  22. Off the top of my head, I think it looks like "pointedly mad".
  23. Thanks very much for the ID. 12 bucks isn't bad for a font, but I think it's overpriced by about $11. That's not the most useful or attractive font on Earth unless your doing an Eagles project or making a sign for the Rennaisance Fair.
  24. I was wondering if anyone knew what the name of the font used for "Eagles" was? It seems like something I've seen before so I'm hopeful that it's not a custom font. It's old enough that I'm hoping that's not the case. Any help with the name or perhaps a link to a download of it would be appreciated, but even just a name would be very helpful. Thanks, JeffB
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