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  1. You said the one on the right so I assumed it was that one. Anyway, they should just use a modified version of the Tampa Bay wordmark that they already have. Maybe throw a glint in there as well. (This concept is not mine and I'm not sure who created it. If it is yours please let me know so I can assign the proper credit.)
  2. The ESPN logo doesn't match the Bleacher Report logo. There are slight differences—most noticeably the top left of the N.
  3. Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  4. The Marlins use this almost exclusively in their media guide. Can't help but think it would work better as the cap logo.
  5. The helmet just feels incomplete or unfinished. The 90's logo would have been perfect. Adding the jet to the new wordmark or helmet logo would have helped.
  6. Yes, that is what it is based on. Chris's article mentioned it and I posted this in the College Football Uniforms - 2019 thread.
  7. Does the decal have a solid (rather than clear) outline like the Denver Broncos decal?