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  1. This? Eagles wearing black jerseys against Giants on Monday Night Football
  2. As well as the piping and sleeve patch.
  3. What about a white ball with blue barley?
  4. I wonder how many Brewers fans will barley notice the changes made to the BiG? *GROAN* Definitely ditch the blue jersey and alternate hat. They look like something the Montgomery Biscuits would wear. The sleeve striping on the cream uniform should match the sleeve striping on the road uniform. Put barrelman on the left sleeve. Not only is it a better/more fun/more interesting logo, it has some white in it, which will help the white baseball in the cap logo not look out of place. (The road uniform avoids this problem by having the white baseball in the sleeve patch.) On the pinstripe, replace the barley ball with barrelman. The roads are fine. Done.
  5. I look forward to it almost as much as the actual designs themselves.
  6. I'm really starting to think that something in between the original (left) and the 2019 version (right) might have worked better.
  7. How Seattle Is Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Building Its New NHL Team
  8. Cake Louisville FC? Pudding Louisville FC? But if we dared to dream... Pudding Cake Louisville FC. Brandiose would crush all of them.
  9. Snow that is avalanching...
  10. Come on, Padres, make the alternate road uniform the primary road uniform.
  11. Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God... it even has a watermark.
  12. I know, which probably explains why the Brewers put a tennis ball in their logo instead of a baseball.
  13. I would like to thank the Brewers for replacing the off-center tennis ball with a centered baseball. Now I won't have to do it in my mind anymore.
  14. We will never forgive you, Nike.
  15. I think I've found my Fußball team.
  16. The color of the seams is definitely different than the ball's yellow outline. But, like I said, it's probably just the quality of the image and whatever Chris did to enhance it.
  17. The Padres should totally use this line on November 9th.
  18. I appreciate the fact that they snuck a colour in there.
  19. I'm sure it's just the quality of the image and whatever Chris did to enhance it, but those stitches sure do look a little red.