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  1. The whole identity has a clear, crisp look, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the logos a big boost.
  2. I wonder if these roundels are part of their official identity package or just something that Fanatics put together for merchandise.
  3. I wonder how long it will take the NFL to update the Washington logo slick?
  4. Don't forget that the guy is from Pittsburgh. (The teams wear essentially the same colors.)
  5. Ron Rivera: Washington rebrand could take up to 18 months
  6. I am no apologist for Phil Simms, but... 1984: 4,044 passing yards (3rd most in the NFL), 22 touchdown passes (8th most in the NFL), and led the Giants to a playoff berth 1985: 3,829 passing yards (4th most in the NFL), 22 touchdowns (8th most in the NFL), and led the Giants to 10 victories, the most for a Giants team since 1963; in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals he passed for 513 yards—the 5th most passing yards in a single game in NFL history
  7. (I do all of my work in Microsoft Paint and think I've done about all I can with this. )
  8. Yeah, I know. It was a poor attempt at a joke; hence the .
  9. Charlotte FC Crest Honoring Charlotte’s history minting American legal tender, and embodying its modern ascendance as a major financial capital in the US, our crest is inspired by a classical coin. A clean, circular shape; a bold black-and-white palette to feature an engraving-style typeface, and commemorative MINTED •2022• markings create a unified balance of bold, contemporary graphics and historical references. The centerpiece of the crest, a four-point crown, symbolizes the royal legacy behind our city’s name, while celebrating Charlotte’s four original wards. Set in a distinctive blue, the Charlotte FC crest is Carolina through and through. Inspired in equal parts by Charlotte’s heritage and its future, our club crest is a badge of belonging to a city on the rise.
  10. Maybe because they were the Edmonton Elks almost 100 years ago? Grey Cup Memories: 1922
  11. Edmonton Excellence. Green Bay has greatness. Edmonton can have excellence.
  12. I'd really like to see that sweater. I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
  13. Filename: CRESTOLDCOLORS.png Also, sweet Taco Bell nod.
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