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  1. You've got to give them credit, they're doing a really good job of staying on-brand.
  2. Speaking of hot takes, I don't know why they wouldn't capitalize on the hottest trend in sports and go with Team de Foot Washington. A fitting nod to the area's history. A Brief History of Pierre L’Enfant and Washington, D.C.: How One Frenchman’s Vision Became Our Capital City The local press would inevitably dub them Les Enfants or Les Planificateurs once they understood the rich history behind the team's name.
  3. But they didn't. Under the lights where we stand tall Nobody touches us at all Showdown, shootout Spread fear within, without I say we're gonna take what's ours to have Spread the word throughout the land They say the bad guys wear black We're tagged and can't turn back You see us coming and you all together run for cover We're taking over this town Here we come, reach for your gun And you better listen well, my friend You see, it's been slow down below Aimed at you, we're the cowboys from Montréal
  4. The solution? Switch to black equipment like the Mighty Ducks did.
  5. Can't see the ads, can you, Russ?
  6. Perhaps simplify the helmet logo as well.
  7. I never realized that the eyes and teeth are silver, not white. They already have a pretty decent keyline version in their logo slick. I think it looks better with white eyes and teeth.
  8. Longing for the days when I only had equipment/uniform manufacturer logos to complain about. At least they make sense. Long cold winter... indeed.
  9. Much in the same way that The Scout propelled the interlocking NY into the pop culture zeitgeist.
  10. I just tweaked the logo and applied it to a jersey set from The (unofficial) NHL Uniform Database. Reversed gold and purple: Reversed gold and purple then reversed purple and white: Those were done using the crown from the current logo, which has a different outline than the original crown. I didn't think any of those options worked particularly well, so I made some adjustments to the original crown and applied it to the Creamer set.
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