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  1. Cardinals v Falcons look so bad, both teams need to get a new look asap.
  2. Exactly, I remember Jazz was probably the first team who informed about that and then.....they didn't changed anything. Now after two seasons they might have a new "City".
  3. With Sky Blue and Prince theme, I'd go with "Raspberry Beret" reference. I mean mix this: With this: And add a little bit of this: Result could be very intresting.
  4. Oh yeah, I like this jersey in original cream form, but black also looks good. Like I said back in 2017 it was a nice equivalent of Nuggets Rainbow jersey which wasn't around in 17/18 season.
  5. Ok, they didn't screwed up, it's a nice uniform, but still prefer previous Statement. This new one reminds me of my HS graduation suit.
  6. I hope they didn't screwed up this and only added pinstripes to current black uni.
  7. True, but old statement and new statement are two almost completely different jerseys, even Fanatics are not that stupid to sell old thing with new wordmark and hope that people wouldn't notice that or are they?
  8. But this jersey: Isn't a new statement, but old with updated wordmark, you can simple notice that by white stripe in the middle and herringbone pattern on black outside stripes. In new statement middle stripe is black and has pattern when outside don't.
  9. Ok so what happens with that old Statement with updated wordmark that we seen on photo?
  10. You can already buy it: It will have wordmark on back: Seriously?! C'mon stop that Hickory gimmick (no matter if it's nice or not) and bring back a real retro. BTW Has anyone seen a photo of back of GSW "The Bay" jersey?
  11. Don't forget about Winter Classic patch. It would be nice if they move it onto sleeve like Maple Leafs had on Stadium Series jersey, but I assume they might end up like Sabres I mean right shoulder with WC patch and left with fauxbacks logo.
  12. There is no red on this T-shirt and others, so I guess they'll use Stars colors for jersey: More:
  13. Sweden Euro 2012 Home + Barnsely 14/15 home + Denver Nuggets M&N cap just for 2,75zł which is around 70 cents (but of course you should count this like a $2,75):
  14. I still don't understand why they didn't use that. It was before 14/15 season and instead they had those black sleeves jerseys. Now I don't understand why they want to change their statement jersey, because it is great looking set, IMO their best alternate ever.
  15. Intresting note, Flames and Jets Heritage are made in Climalite tech when Kings are using new Aeroready technology.