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  1. Ok they decided to use Indiana unis so why they won't sell it? It doesn't make sense at all and now nike not only lose money but also need to design new ones for 2024.
  2. According to press release they based on 80's and 90's liveries. They didn't tell that but I guess barcode is a nod to tobacco sponsors.
  3. Let's hope those Indiana jerseys will be unusued now and use in 2024.
  4. Red Wings could also use this: Everything would be better than this silver crap.
  5. Aston Martin not only copies Mercedes car but also a Mercedes livery. It's a nice looking car but c'mon!
  6. Hypothetical you can imagine Embiid and Simmons is in a same team where Joel is wearing blue jersey and Ben red or black and that is the chaos I meant.
  7. Biggest problem with using team uniforms is that we wouldn't have typical home vs away but association/city vs icon/statement/city so it would be a completely chaos.
  8. But last year unis were based on Chicago and Bulls. I guess they gonna go with a very generic teamwear looking uniforms (kinda like 2018 and 2019 unis) due to not enough time to design something special. BTW I'd be very surprised if they use uniforms prepared for Indianapolis ASG.
  9. Looking at shirseys the 2024 ASG uniforms might be amazing of course if they move them instead of creating new design.
  10. Mercedes teased this: I guess they added silver, because the engine was overheating with the black cover. At this moment Alfa Romeo win with their livery.
  11. I'm glad that someone else except me remember that game. That was terrible too.
  12. Because they are north and north is up and up is ^ which is a chevron. I don't like it either.
  13. They took GFGS and BFBS for a whole new level and created GABFBAGS.
  14. Red accessories is something that I wouldn't expected. I was pretty sure they gonna choose black. Should stay with red it makes whole uniform better.