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  1. I'm not sure, because for me stripes on scapula should be more rounded like on Inter. Now they too straight and didn't fit to stitches. Maybe on adults shirt it'll look better (FH reported this photo is a kids shirt). What about Inter, I'm disappointing. This Pirelli part is completely out of place. Maybe if pattern was repeat? But the best way would be done all stripes in the same diagonal way and I was hoping for that after first rumors.
  2. Maybe is not a regular team and I'm not even sure how we should categorize it, but 2012 Olympics Team GB wore this:
  3. Nike definitely has a problem with stripes on raglan sleeves. It doesn't look good.
  4. It's gonna be a stupid move.
  5. These are pants not shorts. I like that adidas finally made unique fonts for NT. I hope they stick with that on Euro 2020.
  6. Players needs to talk like that even if new uniforms are "wack" and "sh%t:", because in other way nobody would buy new merchandises.
  7. Germany Home is outstanding, much better than Men's team, but away, away is so disappointing, it's basically a teamwear with reversed and mirrored collar:
  8. "You are my Solskjaer, My Ole Solskjaer, You make me happy, When skies are grey!" What a night, unbelievable!
  9. My first thought after seeing it is Liverpool 16/17 away kit:
  10. What about Chicago Bulls? They not only have the same logo for all this time, but also the same shorts design and they're one year older than Flyers.
  11. 2020 All Star Game logo:
  12. Why Devon Booker wore Statement uniform instead of City?
  13. Electricity + Water = Nothing good