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  1. Wow they didn't screw this. If Ottawa won't screw up too then we could be sure that end of the world come very soon because when two teams that notoriously screw ups made things actually good then you need to be affraid, so I hope alternate would be gross asf.
  2. What about those 4th uniforms which Icethetics coverage? Still no more info other than that news?
  3. Pogoń Szczecin home and gk kit: IMHO very strong candidate to be a Kit Of The Season. Śląsk Wrocław home: Wisła Kraków temporary teamwear kits:
  4. On Fox yes, on TSN Raptors had purple with retro logo but Grizzlies had their standard navy with current logo scoreboard.
  5. If we only can have a retro floor to that. Beatiful matchup.
  6. Add me to that list too I also love RoboPen and I don't understand why Pittsburgh didn't use it as a Secondary logo. They could make alernate jersey base on it.
  7. I watched that game on AT&T SportsNet and whole coverage was packed with old logos except digital court logos which is kinda sad.
  8. I actually didn't think of SC as a South Carolina so ok "FC" might be good for Charlotte, but what about others?
  9. Part of me loves everything about Kraken identy (maybe not a big fan of name) and part of me don't like that jerseys have pretty similar design to Vegas and "S" logo look like something from Create-A-Team in any NHL game. I'm confused which part of me I should trust.
  10. So with the another Football Club maybe it's time to change name of Major League Soccer to Major League Football? I'll probably never understand what is wrong with Soccer Club. Soccer is quite unique word so you should use it instead of forcefully trying to be european.
  11. Modern retro I really like them. Imo statement uni look nicest even If I prefer to have it in yellow instead of black. I hope City uni will be yellow. I wonder if they they gonna change "Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club" font because old one doesn't fit in current scheme.
  12. Who came up with that "brilliant" idea about Jumpman on statement uniforms? It make totally no sense, because people aren't that dumb to buy the same jersey only because it has new manufacturer logo (or they are?).
  13. Agree and disagree, because both should go back to Umbro especially Man United.